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Real Basic University

RealBasic University is a new weekly tutorial column on Macintosh programming, using REALbasic, the development environment I like to call the "heir to HyperCard."

REALbasic Lesson 110: Debugging: Part Five
Today we solve our "strip HTML" example in a completely different manner and Marc muses about "twips."

REALbasic Lesson 109: Debugging: Part Four
Marc examines alternate algorithms for solving the example problem, and answers a query on how to create a Photoshop-like drawing grid.

REALbasic Lesson 108: Debugging: Part Three
Today we fix the problems in our HTML stripper routine.

REALbasic Lesson 107: Debugging Part Two
In today's lesson, we follow Marc as he writes and debugs a routine, making lots of silly mistakes along the way for your edification.

REALbasic Lesson 106: Debugging Part One
Today we examine the debugging process, and Marc explains key codes.

REALbasic Lesson 105: OOP University: Part Twenty-Seven
Today we look at other ways to handle progress bars, such as using Timers and Threads.

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