The First iPhone App To Detect Wind Speed

7636 The "Wind Meter" Application for iPhone was developed by a start up group of young engineers who work in the Silicon Valley area and who happen to enjoy solving technical problems. They were the first to come up with this concept of using the iPhone microphone for detecting wind speed about 6 months ago and began working with the necessary sound conversions, algorithms and programmers. It has taken a considerable amount of testing time and program up-dating for this device to give good approximate wind readings. One has to appreciate the idea of having a wind meter that gives good approximate readings and a phone all in one device. The wind meter is a fun gadget, but also has many practical uses in many activities where wind is often a factor.


In various tests by different groups, the "Wind Meter" iPhone App has been found to be "surprisingly accurate in steady winds".

The price for this amazing tool is almost embarrassing, considering that it is selling at a hefty .99 cents US and .78 Euro, which is a typical price for iPhone applications.

The "Wind Meter" page contains a full description of this phone application, it can be obtained at Apple I Tunes APP store or at the following:

For more information, visit:

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This function sounds very interesting, but I still wonder does this useful for normal person?
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