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pplelinks iOS News Reader - Thursday, December 5, 2013

iPad Air Wins Black Friday-Cyber Monday: New Devices Increase by 51%
iOS 7 Adoption Rate Trounces Android 4.4 KitKat
Why Apple Should Relax Its App Store Rules
Free Cannonball Gmail App For iOS - "You'll Fall In Love With Email Again"
FileCentral for iOS - All In One Document Manager
Free Advent App Lets Friends Create And Share Self-Made Christmas Calendars


iPad Air Wins Black Friday-Cyber Monday: New Devices Increase by 51%

Localytics' Dave Hoch notes that according to a recent VentureBeat article, 54% of parents are looking to buy technology gifts this year, and with Black Friday and Cyber Monday now behind us, many of the temporary deals that make these two holidays so popular are also expiring.

So, how successful were retailers at selling their mobile devices to the masses? He says that of the many mobile devices that were discounted this past weekend, it appears the iPad Air is a clear winner.

Localytics examined the weekly growth during the Black Friday weekend, as compared to the previous weekend's finding, a whopping 51% more new iPad Air devices were seen than in the previous week. Hoch expl,ans that this was due to a combination of factors, including Apple's promotion of giving gift cards with purchases of the iPad Air and iPad Mini (but not iPad Mini 2nd gen) devices. That, combined with a smaller base of iPad Air devices and the novelty of the iPad Air (released on November 1st) resulted in the iPad Air dominating on Black Friday weekend. Surprisingly, Apple's older iPad Mini model finished second (Who knew? Low ball pricing reels them in, Ed.), and the iPhone 5c took third. As previously reported by Localytics, the iPhone 5c is gaining on its more sophisticated cousin, the 5s, during the past couple months.


Hoch concludes that as Tim Cook predicted, its really looking like an iPad Christmas.

For the full report visit here:

iOS 7 Adoption Rate Trounces Android 4.4 KitKat

InformationWeek's Eric Zeman notes that only 1.1% of Android devices run the latest operating system, versus 70% of Apple iPhones and iPads, a distincton largely attributable to most Android devices being prevented from being updated until the carrier approves the new OS, and that often takes a lot of time. Conversely, Apple's operating system model sidesteps the wireless network operators, giving it a huge advantage over Android, with more than half of iOS device owners in North America updating to iOS 7 within a week of the operating system's Sept. 18 release, according to Chitika Insights. Two-and-a-half months later, the iOS7 adoption rate in North America (based on web traffic) has surpassed 70%, putting it on track to be Apple's fastest-adopted OS yet.

For the full report visit here:

Why Apple Should Relax Its App Store Rules

Macworld's Marco Tabini says developers for Apple's platforms have long had to walk a knife's edge, balancing their desire to implement powerful features with their need to ensure that those ideas fall within Apple's prescribed bounds.

Unfortunately, he observes, those bounds often seem to be moving targets, and Apple's role as gatekeeper has drawn both ardent praise and provoked sharp criticism, and although iOS has become an incredibly successful platform, where hundred of millions of users gobble up app after app at a pace unmatched by the OS's rivals, problems have arisen along the way.

As the iOS continues to mature, Tabini contends that Apple's tight grip on its mobile ecosystem is beginning to make evolution and growth hard for developers who have contributed significantly to the platform's success.

For the full commentary visit here:

Free Cannonball Gmail App For iOS - "You'll Fall In Love With Email Again"

Cannonball's developers say with Cannonball you'll fall in love with email again. Cannonball is built to take advantage of the touchscreen experience and make using email a visual activity. The app separates important email, such as personal correspondence and purchases, from leisure emails, such as daily deals and newsletters. The inbox display is beautiful and intuitive, making it easy to sort through messages and keep up-to-date in each category. Cannonball currently supports Gmail only.


Cannonball's key features include:
(*) Simple drag and drop customization that learns a users organizational preferences

(*) Easy inbox managementswipe right to mark as read/unread, swipe left to delete

(*) Convenient sharing capabilities to share interesting newsletters, deals and offers with friends and family

(*) Multiple email accounts can be synced to the app so user can jump easily from one account to the other

Your inbox has never been so beautiful. Cannonball automatically organizes your email just like you do your snail mail by seperating important messages from coupons, newsletters and subscriptions.


Everyone's tastes are different, so its developers have made it easy to customize Cannonball. Simply drag and drop an email from one side to the other to change how your email is organized.

Subscriptions, newsletters, coupons and the like are important, but not the moment they arrive. Cannonball groups these messages by sender so you can browse them when it suits you. Ite also automatically marks them as read to save you the hassle.

Most email searches seek out the same things - an email from a specific person, an attachment, recent purchases and travel plans. The Cannonball search function predicts what you might be looking for so you don't even need to type.


Cannonball's team say the app born out of our love/hate relationship with email. They saw a way to improve email and set to work on making it a reality.

New in Version 1.1.6
(*) Fixed bug that resulted in older blank emails
(*) Big performance upgrade on downloading of emails

• Requires iOS 6.0 or later
• Compatible with iPad
• Gmail support only for now


For more information, visit:

App Store

FileCentral for iOS - All In One Document Manager

EuroSmartz has announced the global release of FileCentral 6.0, their business app for iOS. FileCentral is a document reading, file sharing, PDF converter and printing App. Documents can be converted into PDF, printed directly using WiFi, AirPrint or any local or remote computer.


App is now available on the App Store globally. All major document file formats can be read and viewed with FileCentral. Documents can be stored, synced across with cloud storage services, protected in private storage and even be granted multi user access. Printing services are deeply integrated with FileCentral. Documents can be instantaneously converted into PDF format, printed directly using WiFi, printed using AirPrint or any local or remote computer.


(*) All in one document reader
(*) Supports all major file formats
(*) Syncs across with all CloudMe, Box.net, Dropbox, Google Docs, iCloud and more
(*) Handles attachments and zip files like a pro
(*) Ability for multi user profiles
(*) Password protected access to multiple users
(*) Manage your files elegantly
(*) Convert to PDF instantly
(*) Print via WiFi, USB and Bluetooth printers, Apple AirPrint, 3G, 4G and more printing services
(*) Leading customer support - one hour 24/7 response time

Device Requirements:
(*) Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad
(*) Requires iOS 4.3 or later
(*) 7.5 MB

FileCentral 6.0 is available on the Apple iTunes App Store worldwide for $6.99 (USD) for iPad and $3.99 (USD) in the Business category. Promo codes are available for review purposes on request.

FileCentral 6.0:

Purchase and Download (iOS):

Purchase and Download (iPad):

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Free Advent App Lets Friends Create And Share Self-Made Christmas Calendars

Berlin-based developer traumtraum UG has introduced Advent App 1.1, its new social calendar app for iOS. Counting down the days till Christmas Eve by surprising loved ones with a little present each day is a very old tradition. Advent App provides an easy and fun way to create self-made Advent Calendars including pictures, songs, links or quotes in a beautiful design and makes them available for the recipient. Give them a little surprise every day of the holiday season and receive little surprises from them as well.


For all of those who haven't found time yet to surprise their loved ones with a personal Christmas Calendar, here is still a chance to make someone happy. traumtraum UG has announced the release of Advent App 1.1, its new social calendar app for iOS. Advent App is the first app that lets families and friends create and share personalized Advent Calendars directly on their iOS 7 devices.

By simply uploading and saving pictures, messages and links (including links to videos or songs) Advent App enables anyone to design a Christmas Calendar according to one's own liking. As soon as the first window of the Calendar is edited it can be transmitted to the destined person. A nice benefit of the digital Calendar is that it can be updated any time. Merely the window for the upcoming day should be finished early enough to not disappoint anyone. The recipient is merely allowed to open one window each day and furthermore get's the chance to share the content of his Advent Calendar via text message, Facebook or email.

Device Requirements:
(*) iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
(*) Requires iOS 7.0 or later
(*) 26.6 MB

Advent App 1.1 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Social Networking category. Using Advent App requires a registration. Sending the first Advent Calendar is free. Each additional Calendar costs $1.99 (USD). 10% of the amount is donated to the Berlin orphanage 'Elisabethstift.' Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the app, or if you'd like a promo code for review.

Advent App 1.1:

Download from iTunes:

YouTube Video:

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