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3342 iCloseBy.com announces iFob, a new technology that hits the heart of what is missing in social networks. iFob brings reality back to social networking. If you have a life, and go to hotspots, then iFob will help you find real people. iFob is native software for the iPhone, iPod touch and laptops, which finds other iFob users who are physically close by. iFob doesn't use a site, and doesn't need any kind of registration or account creation. You just install iFob on your iPhone, iPod or laptop, and then as you go in and out of coffee houses or other hotspots, iFob works like a radio beacon to say, "I am here!" At the same time, your copy of iFob listens to see who is also saying, "I am here!"

Whenever two copies of iFob find each other, they will light up and automatically exchange their "micro profiles." If you are worried about privacy, you can set your copy of iFob just to "Listen," so you will see other people's micro profiles, but they will not see yours until you want them to. Because there is no login or registration with iFob, you can change your iFob user name, or your micro-profile, as often as you want. You can use iFob as a tool, or use it as a social networking game where you exchange user names and micro descriptions of yourself with real people who are just a smile away.

iFob for the iPhone and iPod Touch is free software. You can also purchase copies of iFob for your PC. iFob can be found and downloaded from the trusted software lists under the "network" category in the iPhone Installer app, or from the download section at:

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