Guest Blog: Top Five Ways to Personalize Your iPhone

3278 By Summer Delaney, Grovo Guest Blogger

Each new iPhone seems to come closer to reading your mind, but even so, there are still a lot of ways that the iPhone on it's own isn't everything you need it to be. Although the iPhone is a powerful machine, Sometimes the generic settings do not work for how you organize your life. And let s admit it, Siri just isn't the same as a personal assistant nor is it as smart or intuitive as a live person. No fear, we've compiled a list of the 5 apps that help you personalize and perfect your iPhone and turn it into everything that it s not.

1) Turn Your Phone into the Best Personal Assistant You've Ever Had

The Osito Personal Assistant is in the Productivity category of apps in the Apple store for a reason. Like Google Now, Osito claims to learn what you need based on the information you allow it to access. Given your location, calendar, emails and daily routines, Osito learns where you re headed and can preemptively offer important information, such as directions, traffic and weather. It can even predict when you are running late and suggest alternate routes and your projected arrival time; if you allow it access to your email, it will also incorporate trip details, such as your flight information and if it is on time.

2) Turn Your Phone into a Pre-emptive Coupon Book

Have you ever found yourself standing on line while a cashier asks if you have coupons and thinking Shoot, there was a coupon for this? Well, worry no more. Discover CartCrunch, the personalize coupon app. After each trip to the supermarket, simply scan your receipts into the app. CartCrunch will internalize and analyze what you have bought in the past and present you with personalized, useful and location-based coupons. The more often you scan your receipt the more useful and customized the coupons that are suggested. This saves you time and money, as well as the headache of scanning through hundreds of coupons only to cut out and subsequently lose the one useful one. CartCrunch will also store all of your past receipts, helping you stay organized and keep track of past purchases.

3) Personalize Your Screen

Bored of having the same looking iPhone as everyone else? Try Pimp Your Screen ($0.99). This app lets you personalize your visuals on the iPhone, including special lock screen themes. You can also change your home screen theme, as well as add icon skins and app shelves, both of which will help you group apps together for easier visual identification. Choose any combination of features to create a unique, attractive and organized iPhone screen designs and to truly make your phone your own.

4) Turn Your Phone into a Personal Trainer

Do you ever find yourself staring at your phone at the office or while commuting and thinking, Wow, I wish my phone could just exercise for me? Well, the bad news is that it can't actually exercise for you, but the good news is that it can be your personal trainer and motivator. GainFitness will build you a customized workout, for any skill level, and send you notifications when it is time for your workout. To ensure that you are doing each exercise properly and not injuring yourself, the app also includes images and voice cues throughout. As their promotional video states, there are thousands of different workout options, but users tend to stick to their 5-6 favorite. So try something new with this free personal trainer (expansion packs with advanced training methods and more targeted exercises can be purchased in-app) and soon you ll look as good as your phone after the new Pimp Your Screen makeover.

5) Turn Your Computer into Your Memory, Only Better

How many times have you locked yourself out of a site because you can't remember which password you chose? Or because it required you to change it recently and to include a symbol, number and several letters? While the human brain remembers patterns and schemas, the app Dashlane remembers everything. Simply input your passwords, logins, past payments or any notes and it will all be stored in one convenient, secure location for you. It's a lot better than carrying a giant pad of paper around everywhere you go or constantly trying to understand the cryptic password hint you left yourself. As we said, like a personal assistant, only better.

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