Try Clips and see clipboard and snippet management, the Mac way" />

Clips - The Mac OS X Clipboard Reinvented

5979 Clips is your Mac OS X clipboard reinvented. Use Clips to increase productivity during your daily computing experience. Try Clips and see clipboard and snippet management, the Mac way.


• Unintrusive system clipboard monitoring
When Clips is running you won't even notice it. Its advanced architecture allows it to sit in the background and silently add anything you copy.

• Application & Spaces automatic clipboards
As you go about your daily business, Clips automatically generates and arranges copied items into Application-specfic and Space-specific clipboards. If that's not enough, you can create your own.

• Clipboard Sharing
Who says copying and pasting has to be restricted to one machine? Clips certainly doesn't! Copy on one Mac and paste on another with a simple click.

• Live Search
Storing dozens or hundreds of Clips? Just start typing in the Clips Board and irrelevant items will fly off the screen instantly.

• Smart Clipboards
They're exactly what you'd think they are. Define a set of rules and these clipboards will automagically display all past and future matching Clips.

• Shortcuts
Clips enables you to define shortcuts to paste the five most recent items. You can also define your own shortcuts to paste additional clips or of your choosing or to toggle the various interfaces of Clips.

• Plugin-based, expandable architecture
Clips supports plug-ins written in Objective-C for even more powerful control over your experience. Create plugins that interface with other applications, and much more. The sky's the limit!

• Drag and Drop
Want to store an email, a piece of text, a Web page for future reference? Just drop it in the Organizer, the Panel or the Board.

• Designed with Leopard in mind
Having used Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard before, you will feel right at home inside of Clips.

Used Finder? Clips Organizer was built with Finder's ease of use in mind.

Used Dashboard? Jump into the Clips Board at any time just like Dashboard.

Used Mail? Flag any clip for easy follow-up. Save your time, it's valuable.

Spaces? Yeah, Clips has that, knows all about Spaces and what applications you use on each one.

Time Machine for your clipboard? Clips saves a history of what you copy. You can go back to them at anytime. How's that for things you never knew you wanted?

Clips utilizes many of the new technologies in Leopard such as Core Animation, Core Data, Cover Flow, and Quick Look to provide you with a rich software experience you'll be familiar with.

Made for humans
Hey, you're a human right? You should totally try Clips then.

In all seriousness, Clips is designed to be used for everyday tasks. Whether you are developer or a regular user, Clips will work great for you.

Clips 1.x costs $34.99 and a 15 day free trial is available. (Introductory price until October 1st, 2008.)

For more information, visit:

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