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Apple Fiscal Year 13 First Quarter Results Conference Call
IDC Announces Study Highlighting New Roadmap on the Future of Personal Computing
5 Quick Fixes to Common Mac Problems
How To: Combine PDFs with Tools You Already Have - Preview, Automator
PlainCloud Free Simple Access To Your iCloud
Accordance Offers Zondervan's Illustrated Bible Backgrounds Commentary At Over 63% Discount
SLAPPA Offers Selected Cases At 20-50% Off


Apple Fiscal Year 13 First Quarter Results Conference Call

WHAT: Apple FY 13 First Quarter Results Conference Call

WHERE: Via conference call. The dial-in number for press is (877) 616-0073 (toll-free) or (816) 581-1579. Please enter confirmation code 427753.

WHEN: Wednesday, January 23, 2013, 2:00 p.m. PST/5:00 p.m. EST

REBROADCAST: The conference call will be available as a continuous rebroadcast beginning Wednesday, January 23 at 5:30 p.m. PST/8:30 p.m. EST through Wednesday, February 6 at 5:30 p.m. PST/8:30 p.m. EST. The dial-in number for the rebroadcast is (888) 203-1112 (toll-free) or (719) 457-0820. Please enter confirmation code 1474555.

WEBCAST: Apple will provide live audio streaming of its FY 13 First Quarter Results Conference Call using Apples industry-leading QuickTime multimedia software. The live webcast will begin at 2:00 p.m. PST on Wednesday, January 23, 2013 at and will also be available for replay for approximately two weeks thereafter. The webcast is available on any iPhone, iPad or iPod touch running iOS 4.2 or above, any Mac running OS X 10.5 or above or any PC running QuickTime 7 or later. If you do not have QuickTime installed on your Windows PC, it is available at

This recording is the property of Apple and protected by US copyright law and international treaties. Any reproduction or distribution is strictly prohibited without prior written approval from Apple. Please contact Apple Public Relations or Investor Relations with any questions.

IDC Announces Study Highlighting New Roadmap on the Future of Personal Computing

The industry is at a tipping point as computing is redefined by user experience and the evolution of transparent computing, says market research firm IDC, predicting that tablets will become an extension of PCs just like notebooks were for desktops over 20 years ago.

Looking into the future of computing IDC deduces that the advancement of computing no longer starts and ends with the personal computer. Since the first smartphone in 2000, and the introduction of the tablet a decade later, we have witnessed an explosion of mobile form factors and a breakneck rate of innovation in hardware and software. These form factors are now extensions of personal computing.

Complacency and a lack of innovation among OEM vendors and other parts of the PC ecosystem has occurred over the past five years. As a result, PC market growth flattened in 2012 and may stagnate in 2013 as users continue gravitating to ever more powerful smartphones and tablets.

This year, over 2 billion users will access the Internet, IDC notes. What makes this compelling is not the number of users going online, but rather the number of devices that will be used to gain access. Over half of these users will access the Internet with mobile devices, which means that system OEMs and semiconductor suppliers need to emphasize technology that offers better performance, optimizes power for all day mobility, and drives integration and cost savings by leveraging heterogeneous SoC-based solutions across every form factor.

The introduction of a new category of Ultrabooks comes at an important time for the PC industry, which is at a crossroad as established vendors struggle to reinvent their business models and remain relevant in personal computing. IDC expects that this year the industry will see an acceleration in investment and innovation in technology, design, materials science, and software platforms that cut across personal computing form factors. This is the reinvigoration that the PC market needs to change course, and initiatives like the Ultrabook category are just the first step in the PC industry's new path.

"The growth of the industry is very clear; the key challenge will not be what form factor to support or what app to enable, but how will the computing industry come together to truly define the market's transformation around a transparent computing experience. In the end, consumers will demand the same level of simplicity and convenience on any device and for any service," says Mario Morales, Program Vice President, Semiconductors and EMS at IDC.

IDC's latest study, The Ultrabook Experience: How It Will Redefine Personal Computing (Doc #238999), provides IDC's perspective on upcoming features and user experiences that consumers should expect to see over the next two years in mobile computing. Where is the innovation going to be in form factor, and what is the market timing of key technologies and user interfaces that enable a richer computing experience?

You can learn more about IDC and its research reports by visiting:

5 Quick Fixes to Common Mac Problems

MacTuts+'s Jordan Merrick says:

As Mac users were used to not having to frequently troubleshoot our computer problems. However, that doesnt mean that our Macs dont misbehave from time to time. In this first of a two-part tutorial, well detail five quick fixes to your Mac's most common problems.

Power Cycle
Remove Unused Apps
Disk Permissions
Software Updates

You can check it out at:

How To: Combine PDFs with Tools You Already Have - Preview, Automator

FairerPlatform says:

Say you have a pile of individual PDFs and it would be convenient if they were all one file. Here are two methods to combine PDFs using just the software Apple included in your Macs default installation. Choice, free tools whats not to like?....

You can check it out at:

PlainCloud Free Simple Access To Your iCloud

With Plain Cloud, you are able to access your iCloud with the Finder. Just click the specific App and you will see all documents in a new Finder window.


System requirements:
• Mac OS 10.7


For more information, visit:

Accordance Offers Zondervan's Illustrated Bible Backgrounds Commentary At Over 63% Discount

For the next seven days Accordance is offering Zondervan's Illustrated Bible Backgrounds Commentary on the Old and New Testament for over 63% off the list value! This complete set includes all five Old Testament volumes and all four New Testament volumes, covering every book of the Old and New Testaments.


The Zondervan Illustrated Bible Backgrounds Commentary brings the world of the Bible to life through informative entries and full-color graphics and images. Like other commentaries in its class, this series thoughtfully addresses issues of historical, geographical, and cultural contexts as they pertain to Scripture. However, the ZIBBC sets itself apart from other commentaries by including a wide variety of graphics and illustrations throughout its volumes. Altogether, this commentary includes over 2,000 photographs, drawings, maps, diagrams, and charts that are relevant to the passages being discussed. Not only does this illustrative format aid your own understanding of the Bible, it also provides you with a rich library of searchable graphic resources that you can copy and paste into sermon slides or lecture handouts.

For a visual tour of the New Testament volumes in this set, check out the video on the Website.

What's Special About the Accordance Editions?

In addition to being fully integrated into the Accordance interface, its module developers have added 12 unique search layers to each of these modules. This allows you to search these resources with incredible precision in order to find specific types of content, such as Scripture references, Greek and Hebrew words, bibliographic information, and even image captions. Caption searches are particularly helpful in this resource, as they allow you to quickly find every picture of a denarius, every map of Jerusalem, etc.

Search Layers:
English Content
Greek Content
Hebrew Content
Manuscripts (Just in NT)
Page Numbers
Table Titles
Image Credits (Just in OT)

For a very limited time you can get this complete set of Old and New Testament volumes for $149.99 - that's 63% off the list value. This sale ends January 28, 2013.

List Value: $410.00
Sale Price: $149.99

This special price cannot be combined with other discounts, and cannot be extended past midnight EST on Monday, Jan 28th.

For more information, visit:

People Hate Windows 8 So Much They'll Pay $125 To Downgrade To Windows 7

Cult of Mac's Buster Heine notes that Microsoft Certified Professionals who will help you downgrade to Windows 7 from Windows 8 at a cost of $125, noting that "this can't be a good sign for Microsoft."

I agree. Ed.

You can check it out at:

SLAPPA Offers Selected Cases At 20-50% Off

SLAPPA is starting the year off with a special offer unlike most anything
we've done before.

The Jedi Mind Trix Trolley

The new Jedi trolley has been wildly popular since it launched two months back - popular - and now offered at the sale price of $99.99.


This large trolley is a rugged, versatile, spacious and good looking. In-line skate wheels, 5-stage handle, 1 cavernous main storage section, 1 heavily organized "gear" section, 3 outer pockets PLUS SLAPPA's 'strap system' front weave to add other sleeves, cases, etc.

KAMPUS Laptop Backpack


A lightweight laptop backpack that has lots of "throw it in there" storage space, the KAMPUS bags are essentially duffle style laptop backpacks. The straps are perfect for riding a bike/motorcycle, and weighing in under 3 lbs. this is a great cycling backpack.

Quarter-inch super-cush padding for the laptop compartment; 5 outer storage pockets, drawstring synch-strap.


month's special price: $59.99.

DSLR + Tablet BAG

The DSLR + Tablet bag gives you the perfect mobile photo capabilities.


A heavily padded section that can store your DSLR body and a lens (or 2 lenses) and a padded compartment for your tablet and camera essentials.


This month you save 50% - $29.99

MATRIX Laptop Backpack

The original and still SLAPPA's best seller, the Matrix laptop backpack gives you great protection and a highly unique look.


Its rubber molded exo-skeleton gives the Matrix it's distinct looks and provides extra protection - the dedicated laptop compartment has our super-cush padding; lots of inner pockets and sections for smaller gadgets, books and peripherals.


This month you can pick up the 15.4" version for $59.99 - the lowest price ever on the Matrix

Laptop and Tablet Sleeves

SLAPPA has a large assortment of 10", 13", 15.4", 17" and 18" sleeves for your laptop or tablet. Unique materials, superb protection and most are 50% off this month.

STOVEPIPE Laptop Backpack

The Stovepipe laptop backpack is another unique backpack invention from SLAPPA. Cool looking, lots of inner storage space and a heavily padded laptop


The straps and contouring make this bag perfect if you ride a bike/motorcycle.

This month you can steal a Stovepipe for $69.99

(*) sale offer applies only to and no other SLAPPA websites
(*) no other sales code, gift certificate or discount code can be used in
conjunction with or in addition to this sale
(*) sale offer expires Jan. 31, 2013 midnight p.d.t. or while supplies last
(*) $5 shipping special is $5 per item with a maximum of $25 per order. $5
shipping special only applies to orders that are shipped stardard ground
shipping in the continental USA only. Any orders that ship outside the
continental USA do not apply for the $5 shipping offer. Any orders that ship
via any other method other than continental USA ground shipping do not apply for the $5 shipping offer.

For more information, visit:

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