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Apple To Stop Shipments Of Mac Pro In Europe On March 1 - Reports
Apple Blocks Java On The Mac Over Security Concerns
SugarSync Announces Unlimited Storage, Unlimited Users and New Pricing for Business Accounts
Samsung Introduces Dual-Scan Technology on New A4 Color Business Multi-Function Printer Line Up


Apple To Stop Shipments Of Mac Pro In Europe On March 1 - Reports

The Register's Rik Myslewski cites a 9To5Mac report that Apple will discontinue shipping its long overdue for refresh or replacement Mac Pro tower desktop to the EU, EU candidates, and European Free Trade Association (EFTA) member states on March 1.

Reportedly, Apple has informed its resellers that the Mac Pro is no longer in compliance with of Amendment 1 of regulation IEC 60950-1, Second Edition, which goes into effect on March 1, but no more precise explanation was proviced. Orders are be accepted until February 18 for shipment before March 1, and any residual units still in inventory can still be sold after the March 1 deadline, and Mac Pro will continue to be available markets outside of the EU for the meantime.

Last receiving a full design revision way back in 2006, the current Mac Pro form factor dates back to the Power Mac G5 tower of the early '00s and has been essentially ignored for years, receiving just a few speed bumps and minor tweaks.

Whether the forthcoming Mac system product to be manufactured in the U.S. by Apple (likely under management of a subcontractor - longtime collaborator Taiwan-based Quanta has been mentioned - will be a replacement for the Mac Pro remains to be seen.

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Apple Blocks Java On The Mac Over Security Concerns

The Register's Iain Thomson notes that it's been a rough couple of weeks for Java, with security issues are dogging the code, and suggests that the latest fix may cause almost as many problems as it solves, plus now Apple has decided to block Java completely.

Thompson credits the French blog MacGeneration originally picking up the blockade, noticing that an update to Apple's XProtect now blocks all versions of Java on OS X 10.6 (aka Snow Leopard) and above, the second time in two weeks Apple has blocked Oracle's code, and other players are starting to make moves to get rid of Java as far as possible.

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SugarSync Announces Unlimited Storage, Unlimited Users and New Pricing for Business Accounts

SugarSync, a Cloud service that lets you access, sync and share all of your files and folders across all your computers and mobile devices, today announced a new pricing and capacity structure for its business accounts. The new SugarSync for Business plan includes a flat price of $550-per-year (or $55-per-month), which includes three users and unlimited storage.

In addition to uncapped scaling of Cloud storage capacity to meet a business' growth and demand, companies can add an unlimited number of users at any time for $125 per additional seat, and with just a few clicks.

"Businesses of all sizes use SugarSync to accelerate productivity and collaboration," says SugarSync CEO Laura Yecies. "We have witnessed the ultimate example of consumerization of IT over the past year, including tremendous adoption of our service by businesses that are storing more and more data in the Cloud each day. We want to allow companies of all sizes and their teams to have the capacity they need at an affordable price, without having to worry about quotas or storage."

SugarSync enables its tens of thousands of business customers to easily access, sync and share business-critical folders and files from any device on any platform, even the desktop — without forcing users and groups to work out of a single folder like other solutions do.

SugarSync's business plan features include:

(*) Unlimited Storage - Scalability of capacity to meet the demands of businesses of all sizes.
(*) Unlimited Users - New support for unlimited seats to meet the needs of large organizations.
(*) Flexible Sync - Sync any file or folder across any device. Just select something to sync and forget about it; it works automatically in the background.
(*) Collaboration - Send files of ANY size from any of your devices, to anyone. Choose read-only or add/edit permissions for everything you share.
(*) Trusted and Secure - File transfers use TLS (SSL 3.3) encryption. Data is stored in multiple carrier-grade (SAS 70, Type II) data centers using 128-bit AES encryption.
(*) Mobile Access - No extra charge for unlimited devices. Access your files using any Web browser or SugarSync mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android, Blackberry, Symbian and Windows Mobile (with Windows Phone coming soon).
(*) Admin Dashboard - Add seats at any time, monitor user activity, assign storage limits per account, and more.
(*) Disaster Recovery - Backup, restore and sync your data after a hard drive crash. Multiple stored versions of every file. Full automated backup.
(*) Free Live Support - Real, helpful humans. You can chat, email or use our toll-free phone support.
(*) Easy Billing - Consolidate all those accounts. Single-point billing allows you to manage your billing online.
(*) Outlook Plugin - Save email storage by sending links to files directly from Outlook instead of bulky attachments.

For those who would like to test drive the business service, SugarSync offers companies a free 30-day trial.

"SugarSync makes it seamless for our 130-plus users to all stay in sync, and to share and access data across groups and the entire company," said Ryan Smith, Helpdesk Manager for RichRelevance, a provider of dynamic personalization for the world's largest retailers. "It's a very powerful, flexible and secure Cloud service that greatly enhances the way we do business."

SugarSync recently unveiled its 2.0 version of the product, including new features that make it easier than ever for groups to share and find files. This includes drag-and-drop sharing; link sharing of large folders; a "SugarSync Drive" capability that allows users to see their entire SugarSync Cloud right in their file systems, and an enhanced search functionality to quickly search all folders and data on all computers and devices, as well as the ability to search content that other team members have shared.

Given the growth of its business offerings, the company is also hiring for its business sales and support teams.

With SugarSync you can backup, sync and share all of your important business and personal documents - be it files, photos, music or movies, so that you can access them from your laptop, iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry or any other device. SugarSync puts all your stuff at your fingertips from any other computer or mobile device, enabling you to do more while on the go.

For more information, visit:

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Samsung Introduces Dual-Scan Technology on New A4 Color Business Multi-Function Printer Line Up

Samsung Electronics America, Inc. today announced a new line of A4 color multi-function printers. Ideal for small, medium and large-sized offices, the new CLX-8640ND and CLX-8650ND models are built with dual-scan technology, saving time and company resources. Samsung is one of the few in the A4 segment to feature dual-scan technology, designed to automatically scan both sides of a document at once for faster output.

"Our new A4 product line with dual-scan technology delivers an additional level of efficiency that our customers have come to expect from Samsung MFPs," says Tod Pike, senior vice president of Samsung Enterprise Business Division. "With this launch, we are well positioned to deliver innovative technology to our dealers while helping customers spend less time completing simple tasks. We are excited to bring our new product line to market and will continue to evolve our products to further the A4 category."

Powerful Performance

Automatic dual scanning provides scans on both sides of a document at once, to scan stacks of documents faster. Large print and copy jobs are easily handled, as well as scan throughput. Every task is completed up to 1.5 times quicker, resulting in more time being spent producing and less time waiting.

In addition, the CLX-8640ND and the CLX-8650ND pack a lot of power with their 1 GHz dual core processor and Samsung's innovative anti-jam technology, which allows users to keep printing without the need to stop and fix time-consuming paper jams. The technology works by using a roller that is specifically engineered to minimize misfeeds and paper jams, which typically slow users down.

Reliable, Economical And Eco-sensitive

Both units are built for high reliability with lower total cost of ownership. With print speeds of up to 51 pages per minute (ppm) for the CLX-8650ND and up to 40 ppm for the CLX-8640ND, users are able to complete jobs efficiently without spending much on resources.

In addition, to keep operating costs under control, both models use high-yield polymerized toner. The polymerized toner uses 35 percent less electricity than other toners in the manufacturing process, which results in a significant reduction in CO2 emission. With smaller and more uniform toner particles, the toner produces crisp lines, more subtly blended tones and beautiful color.

As part of Samsung's commitment to the environment, all models come with Samsung's S.T.A.R. Program, a free service that recycles empty cartridges into their major usable component materials and then reuses for other products. Single and bulk returns are available.

Smart, Easy-to-use Features

The CLX-8650ND and the CLX-8640ND both feature a large 7-inch touch screen that helps the user perform jobs more smoothly and with fewer steps. The interface offers a smooth flicking and scrolling capability, similar to a smart phone, allowing users to accelerate their document workflow by changing the order or canceling print/copy/scan jobs. The touch screen also allows users to create shortcuts for the most-used functions.

Open Architecture Platform

The Samsung CLX-8640ND and CLX-8650ND MFPs connect to business applications through the unique eXtended Open Architecture (XOA) platform. Based on open standards, XOA allows third-party vendors to create embedded applications that enhance MFP capabilities, in order to improve business processes.

The CLX-8640ND and CLX-8650ND will be available in January, 2013. The MSRP for the CLX-8640ND is $6,947.46 and the MSRP for the CLX-8650ND is $8,340.12.

All Samsung printers can be found at select Samsung resellers and channel partners. Local availability can be determined by calling 1-800-SAM-4BIZ or by visiting:

For more information, visit:

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