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Apple Products Leading Desktop Computer Brand Purchase Intentions This Holiday Season, Displacing Dell Desktops For The First TIme
2013 Holiday CE Purchase Intentions
Google (Finally) Lets You Download Your Gmail And Calendar Data: Here's How
Macworld Reviews MacBook Pro 15-inch, Retina, Late 2013 2.3GHz nVidia review
Love Hate Relationship With Apple's Updated MagSafe 2 Power Connector
ABBYY Announces FineReader Pro Professional OCR Tool for Mac Users
Monotypes Lets Customers Try Actual Fonts Before Buying


Apple Products Leading Desktop Computer Brand Purchase Intentions This Holiday Season, Displacing Dell Desktops For The First TIme

Parks Associates have announced <a href="">new research</a> showing Apple has expanded its dominance this year as the top CE brand for planned holiday purchases, topping Dell for the first time as the most popular brand for desktops. Apple is also the top brand for tablets, laptops, smartphones, home networking routers, MP3 players, and streaming media devices (Apple TV).

"Apple topped the list of intended brands for desktop purchases for the first time this year," says John Barrett, director, Consumer Analytics, Parks Associates. "In 2011 and 2012, Dell was the top desktop brand, but Apple has displaced it, making Apple now the most popular brand across even more key CE categories."

The research shows the top-five intended brands for desktops:
1. Apple
2. Dell
3. HP
4. Acer
5. Asus

The most popular brands among tablet shoppers are as follows:
1. Apple
2. Amazon (Kindle)
3. Samsung
4. Microsoft (Surface)
5. Acer

For streaming media devices, top brands are the following:
1. Apple TV
2. Roku
3. Buffalo
4. D-Link (Boxee Box)

"Being the preferred brand is certainly an advantage, but consumers can still change their minds," Barrett notes. "For example, with streaming media players, Apple is the preferred brand, but many shoppers ultimately end up getting a Roku. Last year, among younger (18-34) shoppers for this device, 34% planned to buy an Apple, and 15% planned to buy a Roku. In a later survey of actual purchases, we found 24% bought an Apple TV and 29% bought a Roku player."

Parks Associates released research last month showing Sony beats Microsoft for game console purchase intentions this holiday season. Samsung is the top brand for flat-panel TVs, and Amazon is the top e-book reader brand.

2013 Holiday CE Purchase Intentions features consumer research from a nationwide survey of 2,500 U.S. broadband households fielded in 4Q 2013. Data on other CE devices are also available. Contact Holly Sprague at 720.987.6614, for more information on Parks Associates' CE holiday shopping research.

For more information, visit: or contact

2013 Holiday CE Purchase Intentions

2013 Holiday CE Purchase Intentions analyzes consumer intentions to purchase CE devices during the holiday shopping season. It gauges which products are in highest demand, which brands consumers intend to purchase, how much they intend to spend, and from which channels they intend to purchase. Particular attention is given to tablets and game consoles.
The percentage of consumers intending to spend more on holiday CE purchases has not risen, and the percentage willing to spend less is proportional to the percentage intending to spend more. This suggests the CE market is reaching a new equilibrium point where spending will hold steady. - John Barrett, Director, Consumer Analytics, Parks Associates

For more information, visit:

Google (Finally) Lets You Download Your Gmail And Calendar Data: Here's How

PC World's Brad Chacos reports that Google has announced that new data-saving capabilities that will finally allow you to export and back up your Gmail and Google Calendar data without needing to turn to third-party software and arcane workarounds.

Check it out at:

Macworld Reviews MacBook Pro 15-inch, Retina, Late 2013 2.3GHz nVidia review

Macworld UK"s Andrew Harrison notes that Apple makes the finest laptops in the world, and the late 2013 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display and nVidia graphics may just be the best laptop ever made by Apple, but it's still not perfect.

For the full review, visit:

Love Hate Relationship With Apple's Updated MagSafe 2 Power Connector

iMore's Richard Devine notes that anyone who owns, or has owned a recent MacBook will be familiar with the MagSafe, something in his experience comes witha love and hate relationship, and he says that the latest incarnation, MagSafe 2, is a product that drives many of us to frustration and despair - citing the reviews section of the Apple Store website as living proof. So how can something so good be so bad at the same time?

For the full commentary, visit:

ABBYY Announces FineReader Pro Professional OCR Tool for Mac Users

ABBYY has announced FineReader Pro for Mac, a professional OCR (Optical Character Recognition) application for efficient document scanning and conversion on the Mac platform. The new application allows Mac users to easily edit, share, archive and search through their documents by turning them into popular electronic file formats, as well as effortlessly copy and quote text from scans, PDFs and digital photos.

"Professional grade OCR solutions have not previously been available for the Mac platform, leaving many users to have to deal with scaled down feature sets and miss out on many of the workflow benefits enabled by OCR technology," says Ivan Bodyagin, director of the FineReader Products Department at ABBYY. "FineReader Pro for Mac is designed to provide the functionality and performance to support a wide spectrum of needs, from casual document conversion tasks to rather complex projects, meaning Mac users can finally realize the full benefits of OCR technology."

Aimed to simplify everyday work with documents and images, FineReader Pro for Mac streamlines tasks which have historically been time-consuming for Mac users. The solution provides handy tools for scanning documents and converting images of documents such as scans, photographs and PDFs into popular formats. In addition, it allows users to process and recognize only selected areas on a document to quickly copy and quote information they need without having to process the entire document. FineReader Pro for Mac can also be effectively used to prepare documents for use by various text-to-speech utilities.

Key features include:

OCR Accuracy and Broad Language Support on Mac
- FineReader Pro for Mac is based on ABBYY's award-winning OCR and document conversion technology that delivers up to 99.8 percent accuracy(*) of character recognition in more than 180 languages including European languages, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Hebrew and Arabic in any combination.

Converting to Microsoft Word, PDF, and Apache OpenOffice Writer with Native Formatting
- ABBYY's intelligent Adaptive Document Recognition Technology (ADRT) allows FineReader Pro for Mac to precisely recreate document structure and formatting across multiple pages, including text size and font styles, tables, diagrams, columns, headers, footers, footnotes, table of contents, page numbers and other attributes commonly found in multi-page documents.

Intuitive, Task-Oriented User Interface
- FineReader Pro for Mac offers a highly-optimized, easy-to-navigate user interface designed to enable document processing with a single click of a button.

Digital Camera OCR and Image Pre-processing
- FineReader Pro for Mac applies various image pre-processing options to correct distortions before recognition, enabling users to photograph documents for OCR and conversion with their cameras and mobile devices as alternatives to common scanners.

Reliable Archiving and Sharing of PDFs
- FineReader Pro for Mac allows users to turn documents into searchable, compressed and protected PDF files, enabling easier archiving and sharing.

Quick E-book Creation
- The application can convert paper documents and images to formats supported by e-book readers, tablet PCs and smartphones.

FineReader Pro for Mac is available for purchase via the Mac App Store and the ABBYY Online store. Users of ABBYY FineReader Express Edition for Mac can upgrade their copy to the full professional version of FineReader at a special price. For more information about the product and pricing, visit

(*)According to internal ABBYY testing. Accuracy and formatting results can vary depending on factors such as document quality and scanner settings.

For more information, visit:

Monotypes Lets Customers Try Actual Fonts Before Buying

Monotype Imaging Holdings Inc. has introduced the ability for visitors to experiment with desktop fonts for free. Fonts are temporarily installed through Monotypes SkyFonts client, enabling users to work with actual fonts within documents for up to five minutes, before the data is retracted automatically.

Experimenting with type has always been an integral part of the design process, and now weve taken it to a new level by allowing for typographic experimentation within real projects, said Chris Roberts, vice president and general manager of Monotypes e-commerce group. We believe this is a major win not only for customers but also for our foundry partners, who can now more easily expose their designs to customers who can try them risk-free.

"The SkyFonts trial feature is a real timesaver over traditional comping methods. Theres nothing like it for comparing a variety of fonts, particularly in immersive-reading text settings such as books and magazines, without the need or expense of licensing many fonts up front," says Patrick Griffin of Canada Type, a typeface foundry that offers fonts on that can be used for font trials. "What could be better than an uncensored test drive right on your own machine, using your own applications right inside your own workflow?"

More than 30,000 products from 100 foundries are available for free trial, with more fonts expected to be added on an ongoing basis. Trials begin by clicking a download a free trial link from product pages or search results. Fonts are delivered automatically and synced across up to five workstations that operate the SkyFonts client.

Visitors require a free account to use desktop trials. Users will be prompted to create or log in to a account and to install the SkyFonts client, if it hasnt been previously installed, upon clicking the download a free trial link. Built on Monotypes patent-pending technology for temporary font installation, the SkyFonts client is a free, lightweight utility that runs in the background of a Macintosh or PC platform.

For more information, visit:

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