• Competition Among 7-Inch Tablets To Heat Up In 2H13
• theIRapp Launches FOLIO for iPhones, iPads, and Android Mobile Devices
• theIRapp Survey Shows Institutional Investors More Dependent on Mobile Devices than Desktop
• SnapShots Helps You Share Event Photos & Video in Real-Time on iPhone, iPad & iPod touch" />

Applelinks iOS News Reader -Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Free Texts Are Killing The SMS
With iOS 7, Apple Wants To Own Your Car's Console With Maps And Siri Integration
MirrorCase Turns iPad Into Reflex Camera, Eliminating "Phone Face"
Competition Among 7-Inch Tablets To Heat Up In 2H13
theIRapp Launches FOLIO for iPhones, iPads, and Android Mobile Devices
theIRapp Survey Shows Institutional Investors More Dependent on Mobile Devices than Desktop
SnapShots Helps You Share Event Photos & Video in Real-Time on iPhone, iPad & iPod touch


Free Texts Are Killing The SMS

Fortune's J.P. Mangalindan says services like Apple's iMessage and WhatsApp that transmit messages over the Internet are slowly killing off traditional texting and wiping out billions in revenue.

Mangalindan reports that according to Switzerland-based firm Informa, 2012 marked the first year mobile users sent more messages over these kinds of apps than traditional text, and by next year, the difference will be vast: 50 billion messages tapped out by way of chat apps versus just 21 billion conventional texts.

He notes that if you own an iPhone, iMessaging transmits faster and offers the added optional benefit of letting users see when their message has been read, and that given the popularity, convenience, and cost savings of free services, it seems inevitable text messaging will take a hit - bad news for mobile carriers, who pad their bottom lines with the profits from unlimited text plans, and while text messaging may not disappear entirely, similarly to the decline of voice usage, it won't be the dominant form of communication it used to be.

For the full report visit here:

With iOS 7, Apple Wants To Own Your Car's Console With Maps And Siri Integration

9To5Mac's Mark Gurman says Apple plans to move aggressively into in-car integration space, and is working with carmakers to deeply embed iOS's Maps and Siri services into cars. While companies sell accessories to place iPhone and other iOS devices on car dashboards for easy access to Apple Maps turn-by-turn navigation, Apple wants to break into the space with its own solutions according to Gurman's sources who say Apple and its auto sectoe partners are working on updated versions of car center consoles that could attach to iOS devices like the iPhone. A plugged-in iPhone with an optimized, redesigned version of Apple Maps will appear on the cars built-in display instead of a proprietary GPS system found in many cars and Siri would be used to control the Maps functions and other iOS features- much closer integration than with the new Volkswagen iBeetle car that simply holds an iPhone running a third-party app.

Gurman also contends tht Apple's interest in things automotive transcends future iOS integration, noting that Apple's Senior Vice President of Internet Software and Services Eddy Cue, who happens to now be in charge of Siri and Maps, has long had an interest in cars and sits on Ferraris Board of Directors. Earlier this year, Ferrari began equipping one of its car models with iPad minis.

For the full report visit here:

MirrorCase Turns iPad Into Reflex Camera, Eliminating "Phone Face"

Similarly designed to eliminate “Phone Face,” a new Kickstarter project product called “MirrorCase” lets you hold your iPad (there’s also an iPhone model that’s already available) at a more relaxed horizontal angle while you take pictures and/or video. The MirrorCase utilizes a high quality mirror to reflect back any image that is in front of the device, so you can still see the action in front of you while you record. Using the free MirrorCase app, photos are automatically flipped and inverted to be right side up and then saved to the camera roll.


The MirrorCase is constructed using a plastic injection molding process to create a sturdy shell with a comfortable soft touch finish to protect the iPad, but arguably its most intriguing feature is its facilitation of capturing photos and video while using the iPad in a horizontal position, which makes it suitable, for example, for recording long lectures or meetings. With the recording function turned on, you don’t have to rush to scribble down notes.

The patent pending MirrorCase for iPad is the only multifunctional ergonomic case which allows you to use the rear camera while the iPad is in a horizontal position. Mirror Case is specifically designed for 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation iPads.

Features of the MirrorCase for iPad:

Adjustable mirror - Depending on where you position the MirrorCase, you may need to adjust the angle of the mirror to perfectly capture the scene. Using the Thumb-Wheel you can tilt the mirror to an ideal angle. The first-surface mirror is protected by Gorilla Glass with an anti-reflective coating.

Kickstand - The kickstand can be useful in many situations. With 6 slots designed into the MirrorCase Smart Lid, you can elevate the MirrorCase, and combined with the adjustable mirror you can achieve a wide array of shooting angles. This stand lets you position your iPad at the ideal angle for watching your recorded sessions, writing emails or browsing the web.

Smart Lid - Conserve battery power and protect the iPad's beautiful display with the Smart Lid. With this sturdy lid your iPad will wake or sleep whenever opened or closed. To protect the screen the lid is fitted with soft rubber pads. The Smart Lid also includes 6 slots for positioning the kickstand and thumb grips for easy opening.

Acoustic Port - During playback of your recorded sessions, watching a video or listening to music, the MirrorCase includes an Acoustic Port that redirects sound toward the user. No more cupping the edge of the iPad to listen to audio from your iPad.

Storage Compartment - To make use of the MirrorCase form factor, we included a door on the side of the case that allows you to easily store a stylus, pen or pencil. This way you'll have everything you need while on the go.

MirrorCase App

Essential to MirrorCase for iPad is the MirrorCase App. The App corrects the media to the proper orientation and saves it to the iPad camera roll.

Recording and Notes - Unleash the power of the MirrorCase! Record video and take notes or make annotations simultaneously. Share notes synced with your video to other MirrorCase App users.

Re-positional & Resizeable Live Preview Window - While recording, you will be able to resize the video preview pane and move it any where on your screen.

PDF and Dropbox Integration - All of your work and files can be shared or backed up to Dropbox. Export notes as PDF documents as well!

Adjust Video Resolution & Frame Rate - While recording sessions using your MirrorCase, you may want to conserve space on your iPad. You will be able to do so by adjusting video resolution and frame rate.

For more information, visit:

For Charles W. Moore's take on MirrorCase, see:

Full review of iPhone version of MirrorCAse:

Competition Among 7-Inch Tablets To Heat Up In 2H13

Digitimes' Monica Chen and Joseph Tsai report that as tablet players turn their focus from the 10-inch segment to 7-inch for the second half of 2013, sources from the upstream supply chain believe the competition between Apple iPad mini and 7-inch Android tablets will become fiercer than before.

Chen And Tsai note that cumulative shipments of the first-generation Nexus 7 are estimated to have reached around 4-4.5 million units since its launch in the second half of 2012, and that Google and Asustek Computer are already set to release their second-generation Nexus 7, using a Qualcomm processor, in May to start mass shipping in July.

They observe that Apple's total iPad shipments were 19.5 million units from January to March, of which iPad mini accounted for 12.5 million units, showing that the 7- to 8-inch segment has already become the mainstream of the market, according to insider sources, who indicate that the second-generation iPad mini could make an appearance as soon as August.

The reporters note that although Microsoft plans to join the 7-inch tablet competition for the second half with Windows 8/RT-based devices, due to the operating systems' poor ratings, their sources believe the Redmond may suffer from great disadvantages in the competition.

For the full report visit here:

theIRapp Launches FOLIO for iPhones, iPads, and Android Mobile Devices

theIRapp, the mobile technology IR app building platform, has launched FOLIO, an app designed specifically for investors and analysts. theIRappFOLIO allows investors who cover numerous companies to only have to download one app that contains all of the IR apps that the investor follows.

theIRappFOLIO is available in Apple's App Store and Google Play as a free app for download. FOLIO is organized so that an investor can see all of his or her IR apps in one place, organize them by industry and have a continuous feed of new content issued by the companies. This stream of content feature is called the "Ticker" and allows for the aggregation of specific company generated content such as conference calls, videos, presentations, press releases, annual reports, SEC filings and more.


Jeff Corbin , founder of theIRapp sys: "during the past six months, dozens of companies have subscribed to theIRapp and have embraced the importance of having their investor relations content available to their investors in one place on the mobile device. They understand that a native app environment allows for easy access to company generated information that presently can only be obtained through the desktop and the company's IR section of its corporate website."

He continues, "In speaking with our subscribers as well as the buy-side and sell-side, we determined that there was a need to create a single IR app solution so investors do not need to download numerous IR apps. At the same time, we didn't want to lose the individuality and independence of each company's IR app. FOLIO accomplishes this."

Corbin concludes, "theIRappFOLIO is the beginning of the creation of an investor relations content mobile ecosystem through which investors now have access to all of the important information they need to keep apprised of the qualitative performance of the companies that exist in their portfolio. The native app environment is critical for companies to be able to push information to their investors and interact with them through rapidly evolving mobile technology. theIRapp intends to continue to develop its platform to ensure the most robust communications experience between public company and investor."

theIRapp recently launched Version 4.0 of its platform allowing for the download of all content for offline viewing and listening. Through FOLIO, investors can now download content such as audio conference calls, videos and presentations of all the companies they follow so that they can listen to or view them whenever they want (even when they are not in a WiFi or cellular zone). This feature removes the need for the investor to be relegated to the desktop. This important functionality is not available through HTML5 or responsive design optimized mobile websites.

Version 4.0 builds upon previous versions of theIRapp that include the following functionality also now available through FOLIO:
• Push notifications/alerts when new information is added to a company's IR app
• Downloadable content for offline viewing
• Ability to add events to calendars
• Audio and Video Multimedia (including earnings conference calls)
• Unlimited content modules for proprietary company generated information including presentations, annual reports, SEC filings, press releases, etc.
• Content sharing via social media and email
• Horizontal/landscape viewing of content

To see a video that explains more about theIRappFOLIO, please visit: http://www.theirapp.com/media-center/videos

theIRapp (http://www.theIRapp.com) is a turnkey mobile technology native app platform available to publicly traded companies listed on all global stock exchanges. It enables a company's investor relations information to be available through Apple's App Store for the iPhone and iPad as well as Google Play for Android devices.

theIRapp Survey Shows Institutional Investors More Dependent on Mobile Devices than Desktop

Institutional Investors are now more dependent on the mobile device for conducting their work than on desktop computing, according to a survey conducted by theIRapp, the investor relations app building technology platform that allows public companies to optimize their IR content for iPhone, iPad and Android mobile devices.


theIRapp's survey of 200 institutional investment professionals during the first quarter of 2013 showed that when it comes to their work, 83% rely on their mobile devices rather than the desktop. The survey also revealed the following:
• 47% of investors said that the device type most conducive to obtaining information is an Apple device (iPhone, iPad or iPad Mini)
• 21% said the Blackberry was sufficient
• 7% rely on Android devices

With regard to devices provided to investors by their employers, 92% of those surveyed said they were provided with a mobile device by their employer. Of those:
• 40% are Blackberry devices
• 22% are Apple devices (iPhone, iPad or iPad Mini)
• 2% are Android

Depending on the type of device provided by their employer, 68% also purchased additional devices to leverage the power of iOS and Android devices to do their work. Of the respondents, 41% carry and use 2 devices (including the one provided by the employer) and 26% carry and use 3 devices (including the one provided by the employer).

Commenting on the survey, Jeff Corbin , founder of theIRapp, says, "The purpose of our survey was to demonstrate that investors are now becoming more dependent on mobile for their work. It can be concluded that institutional investors recognize the value and power of Apple's mobile devices. Even if their employers do not supply them with an iPhone or iPad, they still are purchasing these devices on their own given their utility in helping them do business while out of the office and on the go."

He continues, "Based on the results of the survey and after having had numerous conversations with the buy-side and sell-side, theIRapp developed and launched today theIRappFOLIO. With their iPhones, iPads and Android devices, investors who cover numerous companies now have the ability to have all the great qualitative content (audiocast conference calls, videos, presentations, etc.) that companies generate on their mobile device via a one app solution. Up until now, this information was only available through the investor section of a company's website."

For more information on the survey, visit:

SnapShots Helps You Share Event Photos & Video in Real-Time on iPhone, iPad & iPod touch

SnapShots, LLC, a developer of mobile apps, has announced the availability of its SnapShots App for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, available now on the App Store. SnapShots delivers a streamlined multimedia sharing experience by making it simple to take pictures and videos and share them with other SnapShots users and social forums.

"Who really wants to spend hours, if not days, searching through countless photo albums, or calling and texting friends to find the pictures and videos they want? With SnapShots, everyone at an event can upload their pictures to one place, and relive the moments together whenever they like," says Jon Dantes , founder of SnapShots.

Selected by Apple as an ITunes featured app, SnapShots allows multiple attendees at an event to share and access photos and videos with other attendees instantly and conveniently. What's an event? Anything you want it to be - Saturday night with friends, a wedding, a birthday party, a neighborhood BBQ, your company's grand opening and more. SnapShots makes it fun and easy to generate and receive photos and video that not only enhance your experience at an event, but also perfectly captures an event 360 degrees ... from your perspective and the perspectives of those around you. SnapShots allows you to capture moments in time at the speed of your life.

Features of SnapShots

• Allows attendees at any event to share photos and video instantly on one platform
• Experience an event 360 degrees, from every perspective of every attendee
• Crowd source photos/ videos
• Privacy settings (make photos and video private or public)
• User-friendly interface

Once you download the app, you can create a SnapShot event and invite all of your guests to add and access photos and video clips to the event space. If you want to keep your personal content private, you can even set your events to private that way no one can see them without your permission.

The SnapShots App is available for free from the App Store on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch or at:

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