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Apple To Celebrate A Decade Of Music Downloads Leadership And Dominance In The U.S.
Intel Promises Atom-Based Touchscreen Laptop Prices Will Drop To $200
Walmart Announces Samsung Galaxy S4 Available For Pre-Order At $168 With 2-Year Service Contract From AT&T


Apple To Celebrate A Decade Of Music Downloads Leadership And Dominance In The U.S.

On April 28, 2013 Apple will celebrate the anniversary of its iTunes Store, and even after 10 years the company continues to lead the market in digital music downloads. According to the latest information from global information company The NPD Group with a fourth quarter (Q4) 2012 unit share of the paid music download market reaching 63 percent, Apple still dominates the market for paid music downloads even after a decade, distantly followed by AmazonMP3 at 22 percent. Eight out of ten digital music buyers downloaded their tracks and albums from Apples iTunes store in Q4 2012.

According to NPD's Annual Music Study 2012 (, 44 million Americans bought at least one song track or album download last year. That number has remained relatively stable over the past three years, despite the rapid growth of Pandora and other music-streaming options. NPD estimates that average per-buyer spending on music downloads increased 6 percent, year over year, due largely to increases in music purchasing by teens, along with an increase in the number of consumers purchasing both single song tracks and full albums.

"Since the launch of Apple's iTunes store, digital music downloads have become the dominant revenue source for the recorded music industry and iTunes continues to be the dominant retailer," says Russ Crupnick, senior vice president of industry analysis at NPD. "There's a belief that consumers dont need to buy music because of streaming options, when in fact streamers are much more likely than the average consumer to buy music downloads."

One third (38 percent) of U.S. consumers surveyed reported that it is still important to own music, and 30 percent believe that listening to albums is important. Among consumers who listened to music on Pandora and other free music-streaming services, 41 percent reported that owning music was important to them; in fact, many free streamers attributed buying more downloads to their discovery on a radio or via an on-demand service.

NPD's Annual Music Study 2012 is based on data from 5,400 consumer surveys, and NPD MusicWatch, which is based on 7,600 surveys. The Annual Music Study survey data was weighted to represent U.S. population of Internet users (age 13 and older), while MusicWatch is weighted to U.S. general population (age 13 and older). NPDs reporting is based on an average comparison equivalency, in which single albums are equivalent to 10 music tracks. Digital music numbers reflect paid, permanent digital downloads only.

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Intel Promises Atom-Based Touchscreen Laptop Prices Will Drop To $200

The Verge's Sean Hollister reports that while Intel, AMD, and ARM are all competing to offer a compelling Windows 8 experience at a low price point, Intel might be poised to shoot ahead.
Hollister notes that currently, you'll pay upwards of $400 for a tablet with Intel's dual-core "Clover Trail" Atom processor, but company CEO Paul Otellini says that prices will drop drastically when Intel's new Bay Trail chip arrives later this year. Intel claims that Bay Trail will offer quad-core chip performance without consuming additional power, and Mr. Otellini predicts that "prices are going to be down to as low as $200" for Windows 8 touchscreen laptops.

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Walmart Announces Samsung Galaxy S4 Available For Pre-Order At $168 With 2-Year Service Contract From AT&T

Walmart announced today that the Samsung Galaxy S4 is available for pre-order in more than 3,500 Walmart stores nationwide, and will be offered at $168 with 2-year service contract from AT&T.


To secure the Galaxy S 4, customers need to follow the following steps:

1. Purchase a $25 pre-order card which comes with a free $4.99 VUDU credit.

2. Wait for a Walmart associate to call when the phone arrives in the store.

· Inventory of the Galaxy S 4 is not guaranteed on launch date. The fulfillment of pre-orders will be processed on a first come, first serve basis, which is subject to manufacturer availability and carrier launch dates.

3. Activate the phone with a T-Mobile, AT&T or Sprint service.

· The $25 pre-order gift card will then be available to use like a gift card on any purchase the customer chooses.

Walmart is also offering the Samsung Galaxy S III for $39.88 with a two-year contract with Verizon Wireless or AT&T.

For more information visit your local Walmart or

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