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Applelinks iOS News Reader - Tuesday, October 8, 2013

iPhone 5S No. 1 At All U.S. Carriers; 5C No. 2 or 3 - Canaccord
Walmart Wants to Be Your Apple Store
Research and Markets: Apple's iPhone 5S and 5C Debut and its Strategic Implications
Why Businesses Are Embracing iOS 7
Microsoft: "We're nearly Out Of Stock of Surface 2 and Pro 2"
Avira Launches Free Mobile Security App for Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod
New Rugged G3 Case Protects the iPad and Fits in Schools’ Bretford Charging Carts


iPhone 5S No. 1 At All U.S. Carriers; 5C No. 2 or 3 - Canaccord

Fortune's Philip Elmer-DeWitt cites Canaccord Genuity's T. Michael Walkley in a note to clients Friday noting that:"Our September surveys indicated very strong initial sales and back orders for the iPhone 5s and strong iPhone 5c sales at the four tier-1 U.S. carriers and also in international markets."

"That the iPhone 5S was selling briskly was no surprise," says Elmer-DeWitt. "What was a surprise, given initial reports of a "glut" of unsold units, is how well the iPhone 5C was doing. The Canaccord survey found it out-selling Samsung's Galaxy S4 at AT&T (T) and Sprint (S) despite shortages in certain colors and memory configurations.

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Walmart Wants to Be Your Apple Store

FairerPlatform reports that the lowest upfront price for the iPhone 5cis $45 with two-year contract at Walmart. Or, the lowest iPhone 5c TCO is the $79 down + $45 data + $25 device deal via Straight Talk exclusively via Walmart (in-store only).

They note that that Best Buy and Radio Shack also have the same $45 price + 2yr contract iPhone 5c offer.

For the full report visit here:

Research and Markets: Apple's iPhone 5S and 5C Debut and its Strategic Implications

Research and Markets (http://goo.gl/52bxQh) has announced the addition of the "Apple's iPhone 5S and 5C Debut and its Strategic Implications" report to their offering.

“Apple's iPhone 5S and 5C Debut and its Strategic Implications”

On September 10, 2013, Apple revealed two distinct iPhones, high-end 5S and cheaper 5C, at the same time during an event held at the company's US headquarters, breaking its one-a-year iPhone strategy. In the face of the saturating smartphone market and dwindling growth momentum of the higher-priced smartphones, Apple this year has opted to change its product strategy. This report examines Apple's strategy shift and its implications for the company in terms of product deployment, partnerships and product pricing.

List of Topics:

Apple's motivations to abandon one-a-year iPhone strategy and its reasons for strategy shifting, including areas such as hardware innovations, pricing strategy and strategic shift in market focus

Key Topics Covered:

1.iPhone ASP Drops Significantly as Growth Momentum of High-end Smartphones Fades

2. Breaking One-a-year Strategy Aims for Profit Increase
-2.1 Major Innovations in Hardware
-2.2 Pricing Strategy

3. Placing Focus on the Asia Pacific Market to Claw Back Market Share

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Why Businesses Are Embracing iOS 7

Macworld's Joel Mathis maintains that "If iOS originally snuck in the boardroom’s back door and adapted, then iOS 7 strolled confidently in the front door, jammed with new features to help businesses protect their data, encourage intraoffice collaboration, and communicate with customers.... After iOS 7 launched this fall, Macworld spoke with a number of enterprise experts to get a better look at how the new operating system will play in the business arena. The consensus? There’s a lot to like - and some stuff that still needs to be done.

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Microsoft: "We're nearly Out Of Stock of Surface 2 and Pro 2"

The Register's Neil McAllister reports that Microsoft says (via Twitter) that it is nearly out of stock of its forthcoming Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 tablet PCs, although what that means in terms of actual sales figures is anybody's guess.

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Avira Launches Free Mobile Security App for Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod

Security expert Avira has announced the launch of Avira Mobile Security app for Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod. In addition to scanning for malicious processes that may be corrupting your iOS device, Avira Mobile Security is the only security app to integrate a free 5GB cloud storage account to let users instantly free up space to take more pictures or videos, or to access and share media while on the go.

Avira Mobile Security is available now, for free, in the utilities section of the Apple App Store. It is available for English and German languages and works on any device running iOS 6.0 or higher.

The Avira security app was designed with high quality standards and includes the ability to:

• Scan to detect any malicious or rogue processes running on your iPhone or iPad
• Verify if the OS is up-to-date, and check if anyone has tried to jailbreak the device
• Back-up or share photos and videos with a free 5GB secure cloud storage account
• Make your device ‘scream’ out loud if it gets lost, or let you track its location on a map

“When we asked our customers and engineers to re-envision what ‘security’ means on a mobile device, we found that it’s not only about protecting the device and the data, it’s about being able to protect all your devices with an essential set of security applications. You feel secure because you don’t need to think about security,” says Avira CEO Travis Witteveen. “That complete protection and peace of mind is what Avira Mobile Security delivers. At a time when even phones are no longer secure from the bad guys, Avira is a security brand that you can trust to work flawlessly and consistently across all your mobile devices, on your laptop, and in the cloud.”

Install Avira Mobile Security:

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New Rugged G3 Case Protects the iPad and Fits in Schools’ Bretford Charging Carts

According to an article published in the Billings Gazette ľ "About 5 percent of the iPads purchased for school students and staffers in Powell Wyoming have had to be repaired or replaced since they were introduced last year. Eighty-one iPads worth $40,192 were damaged. Of those, seven belonged to teachers and administrators and 74 were assigned to students. The most common problem was broken screens.”


Kids can be rough with their toys and tools, and that can cause a problem for schools deploying iPads in the classroom. Recent reports show that up to 15% of iPads are damaged within the first 2 weeks if not used in a protective case. Most of the damage is due to accidental dropping which can leave bent corners, scratched sides, and most commonly, broken screens.

Some schools are dealing with the problems by purchasing a protection plan from Apple, purchasing cases for their iPads, or both. To ensure the deployment goes smoothly and minimize delays and administrative burdens, the best practice proves to be using a rugged case that protects the iPad no matter what happens.

Just because a case claims to be rugged doesn’t mean it will protect the device from daily use and abuse. Schools that bought what they thought were rugged cases are getting mixed results, too. According to Cathrine Butler-Olimb, District Technology Coordinator at Manitou Springs School District of Colorado, “We are using Gumdrop this year, and are having major problems with broken screens.”

One company put its product through the “ultimate drop test”. An iGear Slim Tough Case protected the iPhone from a 20-foot free fall to a paved driveway. The phone escaped without a scratch, and was recording video the whole time! You can watch the drop test video here:

The STC G3 offers multi-layer protection using a combination of (1) an outer soft rubber shell, (2) an inner polycarbonate hard case, and (3) a clear lens which covers the screen. This case is supremely shock absorbent and allows the user full access at all times. The built-in kickstand is reinforced with stainless steel pivots and slides, making it virtually unbreakable.

STC G3 Features:
• Supremely shock-absorbent silicone outer layer with port covers
• Soft-touch rubberized coating provides just the right amount of grip
• Reinforced polycarbonate hard shell inner case for maximum impact protection
• Built-in clear screen protector
• Slim profile is designed to fit Bretford PowerSync and other iPad charging carts
• Available in (8) colors - black, red, blue, green, yellow, purple, orange, and gray
• Built-in kickstand works in both vertical and horizontal orientations
• Case can be customized with Tough Skin decal on back side

STC G3 is the next generation case with the following improvements:

• Pivot points and slides of the kickstand are made of stainless steel for improved durability
• Tighter locking mechanism for the kickstand to prevent unintended pop-out
• Higher-grade polycarbonate hard case with 60% more tensile strength
• Improved heavy gauge clear screen protector that's 400% more scratch resistant
• Removal of loose port covers for a cleaner, more tidy feel, and few possible parts to rip off
• Enlarged charging port hole to accommodate more iPad accessories
• Optional front hard cover for protecting the screen (shipping 12/1/2013)
• Still fits in all the popular charging carts, including the Bretford PowerSync

Another unique feature of the Slim Tough Case is the customization option. Using a Tough Skin decal, schools can print full-color logo artwork, asset tracking ID and barcode, and other information for each iPad, making the management of multiple devices tremendously easy.

“The iPad Slim Tough Case G3 is designed with schools’ needs in mind,” says Jimmy Sun, president of iGearUnlimited.com. “It offers all the features that technology directors ask for, and fits in the Bretford and other charging carts.”

The Slim Tough Case is available from iGearUnlimited.com. Schools should contact the company directly for educational discounts.

Device Requirements:
Made for iPad 2/3/4

Retail Price: $89.99

For more information, visit:

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