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Text Messaging Inventor Mystified By Texting's Popularity
Murdoch's News Corp. Kills iPad Newspaper The Daily
The Atlantic Launches Quartz News And Analysis Journal Site
More Android Than iOS Users, But They Don't Use The Web
Do People Who Buy Android Gadgets Actually Do Anything With Them?
The Pope On Twitter: Voice Of Unity And Leadership For The Church
Twitter Blog Welcomes Pope Benedict XVI
More Parents Naming Offspring After Apple Products
BABYCENTER Reveals Top Baby Names of 2012
Is Microsoft's Surface Pro Really Overpriced? MacBook Air Vs. Surface Pro
Five Ways The iPad Beats The Surface RT
Paper Snow 2 - Send Free New Year Greeting Cards with handmade Snowflakes from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch
22learn Launches Fire Truck: 3D Toy That Inspires Imagination And Play
Christmas Advent Calendar: The Best 25 Free Apps
Advent Calendar (vieda) Reveals iOS App Deals


Text Messaging Inventor Mystified By Texting's Popularity

Twenty years ago this week, young British engineer Neil Papworth sent the world's first text message: "Merry Christmas" from a computer to his boss's cellphone, never imagining that text messaging would become part of mainstream daily interactions.

A CTV News report notes that a recent World Bank study estimates that about three-quarters of the world's population now has access to a cellphone, and trillions of text messages are sent around the globe every day, especially dominating the way young adults and teenagers, communicate, with a recent Pew Internet study finding found that about 63 per cent of teens text on a daily basis.

As for Papworth, the report says the ubiquity of texting is still somewhat baffling to him, wondering where people find the time to send 100 or more text messages a day. Time being a finite commodity, all that texting, (not to mention tweeting anf Facebooking) usually over trivial and inconsequential subject matter, has to be displacing more productive and edifying pursuits. Papworth homself says he sends maybe 10 or 15 texts a week.

For the full report visit here:

Murdoch's News Corp. Kills iPad Newspaper The Daily

A News Corp. press release says, in part:

News Corporation [has] announced that effective immediately, Jesse Angelo, the founding Editor-in-Chief of The Daily and long-time Executive Editor of The New York Post, will assume the role of Publisher of The New York Post. As part of a digital restructuring initiative, the company will cease standalone publication of The Daily iPad app on December 15, 2012, though the brand will live on in other channels. Technology and other assets from The Daily, including some staff, will be folded into The Post.

Mr. [Rupert] Murdoch said: "From its launch, The Daily was a bold experiment in digital publishing and an amazing vehicle for innovation. Unfortunately, our experience was that we could not find a large enough audience quickly enough to convince us the business model was sustainable in the long-term. Therefore we will take the very best of what we have learned at The Daily and apply it to all our properties. Under the editorial leadership of Editor-in-Chief Col Allan and the business and digital leadership of Jesse, I know The New York Post will continue to grow and become stronger on the web, on mobile, and not least, the paper itself. I want to thank all of the journalists, digital and business professionals for the hard work they put into The Daily."

Paul Carlucci, who has served as Publisher of The New York Post since 2005 will focus exclusively on his role as Chairman of News America Marketing where he continues to generate important profits.

Greg Clayman, Publisher of The Daily, will oversee the Company's global digital strategy, new digital investments and distribution partnerships, working with CTO Paul Cheesbrough.

The Register's Andrew Orlowski notes( that News Corp had worked closely with Apple to develop the title, which went on sale in February 2011 some nine months after the iPad itself made its debut, with an original circulation target of 500,000 paid-for subscriptions, but observing that even with digital subscriptions included, only two US newspapers have digital subscriber bases over 200,000 - the Wall Street Journal with 794,594 and the New York Times with 896,532

For more information, visit:

The Atlantic Launches Quartz News And Analysis Journal Site

The Atlantic Monthly has launched a new sister publication called Quartz devoted to covering the new global economy. Quartz is a website that brings readers constantly updated news and analysis of the most critical issues in business, finance, international politics, and technology. Quartz's journalists speak 19 languages, and have reported from 115 countries for organizations including the Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and The Economist. The site is designed to work just as well on mobile phones or tablet devices as it does on a laptop or desktop computer.

Core to Quartz is a free morning email that provides a briefing on global news. Formatted for easy reading on your smartphone, it's comprehensive but concise, and it comes tailored to your time zone, telling what you need to know today, what you might have missed while you were asleep, and some of the most thoughtful ideas and surprising news Quartz's editors have seen in the past 24 hours. It's an ultra-efficient way to get up to speed as you start your day.

Atlantic Media Company President Justin B. Smith says that with Quartz, The Atlantic is expanding its mission to serve the needs of an important new audience - business leaders who live and work around the world. Quartz's goal is to be the 24/7 digital guide to the new global business order, providing international business leaders with the information and analysis they need to succeed.

The Quartz website is optimized for mobile phones and tablets, and as an HTML5 web app, it works seamlessly across a range of devices, from smartphones to desktop computers. It does not need to be downloaded from an app store and can be accessed simply by going to

Quartz is free and built for social distribution: there are no pay walls, registration walls, or app store walls. The site's radically simple, responsive design helps readers get essential information as quickly as possible.

Quartz's staff is focused on core topics of seismic importance that fall into three main categories: news, commentary, and lifestyle and management. Coverage will be rooted in what Quartz calls obsessions, the patterns, trends, and tectonic shifts that shape the world in which global business professionals live.

Initial core obsessions include the impact of shifting energy supplies around the world; the explosion of the mobile web; the growth and habits of the consumer class; China's economic deceleration; the rise of digital payment systems; life and business in a world of low interest rates; the roots of the next financial crisis; the future of Europe; and the role of the modern state.

Quartz will also feature agenda-setting commentary on business, economics, and society by leading thinkers around the world. Content will flow through Quartz 24/7, targeting its English-speaking but firmly international audience. Writers in Europe and Asia will update the site during the working day in their time zones. They will also contribute to Quartz's daily global briefing, which will be set to hit email inboxes with updated versions tailored for the mornings in Asia, Europe, and North America.

"Like Wired in the 1990s and The Economist in the 1840s, Quartz embodies the era in which it is being created," says Quartz Editor in Chief Kevin J. Delaney. "We are publishing journalism thats purely digital and framed by a broad worldview."

Delaney has assembled a staff of veteran journalists from some of the world's most prestigious news organizations. Among them, they have reported from 115 countries and speak 19 languages. (Quartzs development and reporting staff also knows 19 programming languages.)

Quartz content will also be available on the social magazine, Flipboard, which offers beautiful magazine-like experiences of Web content on the iPad and other platforms. Flipboard has more than 20 million users, with 3 billion flips per month.

Quartz is ad-supported and its launch sponsors are Boeing, Cadillac, Chevron, and Credit Suisse. In 2013 Quartz will be accepting advertising from other clients.

For more information, visit:

More Android Than iOS Users, But They Don't Use The Web

The Register's Matt Asay notes that Android smartphone shipments now dwarf those of Apple's iPhone, yet Apple's iOS still accounts for the vast majority of mobile web traffic.

Asay notes that overall, roughly 60 percent of mobile web usage is on iOS devices, compared to only 20 percent on Android. He attributes some of this disparity to the iPad being so popular for mobile web browsing, observng that while the iPad is losing share to Android in the tablet market, it's still the market leader by a wide margin. So it makes sense that the iPad web usage would skew upward iOS's overall share of mobile web browsing.

However, Asay says that even when we separate out smartphones, iOS/iPhone still trounces Android, despite Android now dominating roughly 75 per cent of the global smartphone market (versus 15 per cent for the iPhone), and 53 per cent of the US market (versus 34 per cent for iPhone).

For the full report visit here:

Do People Who Buy Android Gadgets Actually Do Anything With Them?

BusinessInsider's Henry Blodget notes that for the last couple of years, sales of Android-based smartphones have been smoking every other kind of smartphone, including the iPhone, and that Android phones now account for nearly 75% of the global smartphone market while the iPhone represents about 15% of the market. globally and the proportions 53% to 34% in the U.S.

However, Blodget observes that iPhone users completely dominate Internet-based smartphone activities, with a recent survey of mobile web usage finding a staggering 60% of mobile web visits came from iOS devices, while only 20% came from Android.

These metrics and others lead Blodget to wonder wether Android devices are mostly used by digitally incurious people who don't do anything with them.

For the full commentary visit here:

The Pope On Twitter: Voice Of Unity And Leadership For The Church

Pope Benedict XVI is joining the Twitterverse.

A press conference was held Monday in the Holy See Press Office to explain the presence of the Pope on Twitter and to provide additional information on the use of the new media in the Vatican.

The conference was presented by Archbishop Claudio Maria Celli, president of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications, Msgr. Paul Tighe, secretary of the same dicastery, Fr. Federico Lombardi, director of the Holy See Press Office, Vatican Radio and the Vatican Television Centre, Professor Gian Maria Vian, editor of 'L'Osservatore Romano' and Greg Burke, media advisor to the Secretariat of State. Claire Diaz-Ortiz, Twitter's director of Social Innovation, was also present.

Given below are extracts from the English-language Note explaining the presence of the Holy Father on Twitter:

"The Pope's presence on Twitter is a concrete expression of his conviction that the Church must be present in the digital arena. ... The Pope's presence on Twitter can be seen as the 'tip of the iceberg' that is the Church's presence in the world of new media.

The Church is already richly present in this environment there exist a whole range of initiatives from the official websites of various institutions and communities to the personal sites, blogs and micro-blogs of public church figures and of individual believers. The Pope's presence on Twitter is ultimately an endorsement of the efforts of these 'early adapters' to ensure that the Good News of Jesus Christ and the teaching of his Church is permeating the forum of exchange and dialogue that is being created by social media. His presence is intended to be an encouragement to all Church institutions and people of faith to be attentive to develop an appropriate profile for themselves and their convictions in the 'digital continent'.

The Pope's tweets will be available to believers and non-believers to share, discuss and to encourage dialogue. It is hoped that the Pope's short messages, and the fuller messages that they seek to encapsulate, will give rise to questions for people from different countries, languages and cultures".

"Part of the challenge for the Church in the area of new media is to establish a networked or capillary presence that can effectively engage the debates, discussions and dialogues that are facilitated by social media and that invite direct, personal and timely responses of a type that are not so easily achieved by centralized institutions. Moreover, such a networked or capillary structure reflects the truth of the Church as a community of communities which is alive both universally and locally. The Pope's presence on Twitter will represent his voice as a voice of unity and leadership for the Church but it will also be a powerful invitation to all believers to express their 'voices', to engage their 'followers' and 'friends' and to share with them the hope of the Gospel that speaks of God's unconditional love for all men and women".

"In addition to the direct engagement with the questions, debates and discussions of people that is facilitated by new media, the Church recognizes the importance of new media as an environment that allows to teach the truth that the Lord has passed to His Church, to listen to others, to learn about their cares and concerns, to understand who they are and for what they are searching. ... It is for this reason that it has been decided to launch the Pope's Twitter channel with a formal question and answer format. This launch is also an indication of the importance that the Church gives to listening and is a warranty of its ongoing attentiveness to the conversations, commentaries and trends that express so spontaneously and insistently the preoccupations and hopes of people".

The first tweets from the Pope's handle on Twitter will be given on 12 December, Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Initially tweets will be published with the Wednesday general audiences, although they may subsequently become more frequent. The first tweets, on 12 December, will respond to questions put to the Pope on matters of faith. The public can send questions between now and 12 December in the languages listed below. The official Papal handle is @pontifex.

In addition to English, tweets will also be published in the following languages:
Spanish @pontifex_es
Italian @pontifex_it
Portuguese @pontifex_pt
German @pontifex_de
Polish @pontifex_pl
Arabic @pontifex_ar
French @pontifex_fr

Other languages may be added in the future. Further information can be obtained at:

Twitter Blog Welcomes Pope Benedict XVI

Twitter's Manager of Social Innovation Claire Diaz Ortiz notes that
the Vatican announced that on December 12, which is the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Pope Benedict XVI (@pontifex) will be the first Pope to join Twitter. Beginning now, people everywhere will have a chance to Tweet questions relating to faith and belief using the hashtag #AskPontifex. Questions will be curated by the Vatican staff for the Pope to respond to via his new Twitter account on December 12th in a live tweeting event at the end of his weekly audience.

For more information, visit:

More Parents Naming Offspring After Apple Products

The Register's Anna Leach notes tha not only are the kids desperately keen to get Apple products, their parents are also naming them after Apple products, the latest yearly analysis of baby names reports.

Ms. Leach observes that girls named Apple, rose 15 percent, vaulting a whopping 585 spots, while for boys, the name Mac jumped 12 percent. She says parents are also glomming onto Siri, which climbed 5 percent on the list of girl names.

Ah, well, at least it's arguably better than trendy soap opera and celebrity names. Oh, wait. The BABYCENTER release has plenty of depressing news in that context (see below)

For the full report visit here:

BABYCENTER Reveals Top Baby Names of 2012

BabyCenter, claiming to be the #1 pregnancy and parenting mobile and web destination worldwide, has released the results of its annual Baby Names Survey and the Top 100 Baby Names of 2012.

Based on the names of 450,000 babies born in 2012 to moms registered on the BabyCenter website, Aiden tops the boys list for the eighth consecutive year while Sophia holds tight to the lead for girls for the third year in a row. However, there was some movement within the top 10 as Mia and Jack joined the ranks. The abstract notes that moms (and surely dads still have some say in the matter? Ed.) also looked to new, unexpected sources for baby name inspiration this year.

"A unique or unusual name remains one of the top qualities parents seek in a baby name, but it's trending down. What's becoming more important to new parents is finding a name with meaning," says Linda Murray, BabyCenter Global Editor in Chief. "Parents are looking for more substance in baby names. They want names with more significance. Meaning can come from the name itself (for example, Sophia means 'wisdom' and Aiden means 'fiery') or because the name is associated with a loved one or other inspiring person. This is a significant new trend in baby naming and one I'm delighted to see."

BabyCenter's Top 100 Baby Names list combines names that sound the same but have different spellings, making it a true measure of baby name popularity. The website also conducts its Baby Names Survey every year, talking directly to parents about their baby name decisions and diving deep into the psychology and trends surrounding baby naming.


Moms weren't only focused on names with meaning this year. As always, pop culture had a big influence, with celebrities, athletes, and politicians also making their mark. Additionally, characters in TV shows and books sent moms' imaginations (or lack of, you curmudgeonly editor laments Ed.) running wild.

The hottest baby name trends of 2012:

50 Shades of Grey
Parents are looking to the spicy 50 Shades of Grey trilogy for baby name inspiration. The name Grey is up nearly 20 percent, Anastasia jumped by 10 percent, and Ana climbed 35 spots. Interestingly, the name Christian declined in popularity, leading BabyCenter editors to believe that while moms are physically attracted to Christian, they do not see him as a role model for their sons. A third of pregnant moms still deciding on a name say they are looking for inspiration from characters in books, an increase of 6 percent versus last year.

London Calling
From singing sensations to the royals and the Olympics, it was a year with great focus on the UK, and this has clearly influenced American naming trends. The boy band One Direction is leading the trend of British names on the rise. Four out of the five band members names are up this year, and the fifth, Liam, gets bragging rights as the hottest of the bunch. Liam ranks number four on our top 100 list for the second year in a row. Additionally, the name Harry is up a whopping 57 percent since last year, and Pippa increased by 35 percent. They are also faring better than Will and Kate, whose names have both decreased in popularity.

Funny Ladies
Moms are celebrating the lighter side of parenthood this year. The first names of comediennes Amy Poehler, Maya Rudolph, Chelsea Handler, and Kristen Wiig are all climbing the charts. Amy soared 41 percent, Maya rose nearly 25 percent, Chelsea saw a nearly 10 percent increase, and Kristen scrambled up 5 percent. Additionally, BabyCenter moms cant get enough of Betty White. Out of all the funny ladies, the name Betty showed the biggest jump a gain of 54 percent this year.

The smart phone may just be the best parenting tool since diapers, and some moms and dads are paying homage to industry leader Apple in their choice of baby names. The moniker Apple, though still an unusual choice, rose 15 percent for girls, vaulting a whopping 585 spots. For boys, the name Mac jumped 12 percent. And parents sure like the sound of Siri: The company's voice-enabled personal assistant climbed 5 percent on the list of girl names.

And They Lived Happily Ever After
New movies and TV shows such as Brave, Snow White and the Huntsman, and Once Upon a Time have moms in a fairy-tale frenzy. TV characters (and the actors that play them) are becoming an increasingly popular source of baby name inspiration (up 11 percent since last year) and, as a result, names like Hamish, Angus, Graham, Finn, and August are on the rise for boys, with Regina, Charlize, Belle, and Ruby spiking for girls.

Political Mindset
POTUSes from the past are proving much more popular than the ones of today. The name Reagan increased a whopping 46 percent, and fellow past presidents Kennedy, Carter, Lincoln, and Nixon all jumped in the rankings. No such wins for Barack, Mitt, Joe, or Paul.

Space Exploration
It seems space was a huge naming inspiration for parents this year: Sky, Star, Luna, Skylar, Heaven, Stella, and Mars all flew higher than last year. BabyCenter moms arent alone; celebrities like Uma Thurman who named her daughter Luna are looking to the sky as well.

For more information on BabyCenter's Top 100 Baby Names of 2012, a complete list of trends, and online tools for finding your ideal baby name, visit:

Is Microsoft's Surface Pro Really Overpriced? MacBook Air Vs. Surface Pro

BGR's Zach Epstein says he saw potential in the Surface tablet with Windows RT when he reviewed it in October, but when he revisited the slate after a month of usage he noted that more than anything else, the Surface with Windows RT got him excited for the upcoming Windows 8 version of Microsoft's tablet.

However, he says he's much less excited about the Surface Pro now that he knows how much its going to cost. But is the Surface Pro really that expensive? Epstein notes that we're not talking about some light-duty media tablet here, but a full-featured, cutting-edge notebook computer that happens to also be a tablet. Surface Pro runs a full desktop operating system, is powered by a third-generation Intel Core processor, and its one of the thinnest and lightest devices in its class.

So Epstein compares the Surface Pro to a true competitor - a device with a full desktop operating system, a premium metal enclosure and similar specs to see how the Surface Pro's pricing really shapes up against the competition, in this context Apple's MacBook Air.

He notes that in this context, pricing for the Surface Pro is absolutely within the realm of reality, and even when including a $119.99 Touch Cover, it's only $20 more expensive than comparable 11-inch MacBook Airs- a premium tablet/notebook hybrid device that is thinner and lighter than a MacBook Air despite including high-definition display with multitouch support, dual cameras, a microSDXC memory card support and more.

For the full report visit here:

Five Ways The iPad Beats The Surface RT

The Surface RT is a well-engineered tablet, but there are still a number of reasons to choose the Apple iPad

PC World's Tony Bradley has posted five features and benefits that give the iPad an advantage over the Surface with Windows RT:

1. Heft - something intangible that makes the iPad feel thinner and lighter when you're holding it.

2. 4G / LTE - Apple iPad is available with 4G / LTE wireless capabilities.

3. VPN - limitations of the VPN connectivity on the Surface RT break the deal if you need a tablet for business.

4. Camera -The iPad sports a 5 megapixel camera capable of recording 1080p video, while the Surface RT has a one megapixel camera that records 720p video

5. Apps - It will be a long time, if ever, before Microsoft can catch up to Apple in terms of the sheer volume of apps available. Quality is more important than quantity, but right now Microsoft is a little low on both.

For the full report visit here:

Paper Snow 2 - Send Free New Year Greeting Cards with handmade Snowflakes from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

Paper Snow 2 app gives you ability to make handmade snowflakes and your own custom design of Greeting Card. Now you can send the best handmade cards in the world straight from your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.


- High quality elements and tools from DemSt team for unique Snowflakes
- Create personalized Greeting card for everybody to show your love, respect and concern
- Greeting Card builder: choose from different backgrounds, ornaments and messages to create and personalize a one-of-a-kind card.

Just tap the app to send quick note to say, "I'm thinking of you" to Facebook/Twitter friends or anyone with an email address.


This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad

System requirements:
• Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.
• Requires iOS 3.1 or later.


For more information, visit:

22learn Launches Fire Truck: 3D Toy That Inspires Imagination And Play

Drive a firetruck, explore it, extinguish fire, and learn to locate hidden tools and truck parts. Interactive Fire Truck 3D by 22learn is an application filled with activities that will endear themselves into the hearts of children and parents alike. With its realistic details and abundance of visual and sound effects, Interactive Fire Truck is the ultimate app to inspire children's imagination and play.


Open your doors to the world of little superheroes! The application includes four games that provide plenty opportunities for exploration and play. The four games included:

1) Drive The Firetruck: Start the firetruck's engine, rotate the steering wheel and run around the room as the camera of your device projects the surrounding environment onto the truck's windows! It will look like you are actually driving around your house!

2) Explore The Firetruck: Rotate the firetruck and observe it from various angles. Play with the lights, start the engine, draw the ladder, honk the horn, turn on the firetruck siren, open doors, press all the funny little buttons, discover firetruck's tools and more!

3) Extinguish Fire: Be a hero. Be a firefighter. The world needs your help. Tap on the fires to extinguish them with your powerful fire hose.

4) Locate Parts Of The Firetruck: Wanna be a firefighter? First, you need to educate yourself. Familiarize yourself with tools and firetruck parts and locate them as quickly as possible. A funny twist on a classical seek-and-find game.

Interactive Fire Truck enables children to live their dream in the world where bravery meets fun, learning, play and exploration.

Device Requirements:
Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 5.1.1 or later.

Amazing Kids Vehicles 1: Interactive Fire Truck 3D games 1.0 is $1.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies)and available worldwide through the App Store in Games/Education and Games/Kids categories.


Amazing Kids Vehicles 1: Interactive Fire Truck 3D games 1.0:

Purchase and Download:

Trackback URL:

Christmas Advent Calendar: The Best 25 Free Apps

MagicSolver offers you this Advent Calendar to ease the wait for Christmas...

Among an ocean of over 700,000 apps on the App Store, MagicSolver has picked the best 25 free apps - their personal favorites.

- Discover a new present every day, a free app from very talented developers across the globe
- Enjoy a selection of great Christmas melodies to get in a holiday mood. Just shake your iPhone to change the tune

New in Version 1.3
(*) Minor bug fixes
(*) User experience enhancements
(*) More support for Retina iPad screens

System requirements:
• Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad
• Requires iOS 3.0 or later

Advent Calendar (vieda) Reveals iOS App Deals

An App surprise every day beginning December 1.

How the Advent Calendar works:

Every day, the Advent Calendar tells you which iPhone and iPad Apps are being discounted up to 50% or more by selected developers for that day only at the App Store.


The best Apps reduced in price by up to 50% and more every day.

After the overwhelming success of its campaigns the last years, Vieda - the association of German iOS developers - launched its fourth Advent Special on December 1, 2012. Each day up until December 24, the Vieda Advent Calendar App will highlight Apps offered by Vieda members at sharply reduced prices.


The campaign focuses exclusively on high-quality Apps that are ranked among the Top 10 in their respective categories. App enthusiasts can therefore look forward to a great surprise every day.

Vieda was established on November 1, 2009 by 27 renowned German App developers on the initiative of Holger Frank and Hanno Welsch. The association now has more than 200 members.

The best Apps reduced in price by up to 50% or more every day.


New in Version 4.0.1
Smaller improvements and bug fixes.

System Requirements:
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad
Requires iOS 4.3 or later.

For more information, visit:">

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