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Only One In Four Apple iOS Device Users Hasn't Upgraded To iOS 7
Microsoft Surface Resurrection Could Be A Big Plus For Both Microsoft And Intel, But.....
Intel To Offer Tablet Platforms For Various Segments In 2014 - Report
Free Tenorshare ReiBoot for Mac iOS Reboot Software Tool

Only One In Four Apple iOS Device Users Hasn't Upgraded To iOS 7

The Register notes that more than three-quarters of all iPhone users have downloaded the latest iOS version 7, according to research by advertising company Chitika, who report that iOS 7 is now being used on about 75 percent of iPhones and about 65 percent of iPads.

If an accurate assessment, this would mean that iOS 7 has the fastest adoption rate of any Apple mobile operating system so far.

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Microsoft Surface Resurrection Could Be A Big Plus For Both Microsoft And Intel, But.....

SeekingAlpha contributor Michael Blair notes that Microsoft has had a rough ride with its first foray into the tablet market, taking a $900 million bath on inventory in its latest reported quarter.

However, Mr. Blair maintains, perhaps over-optimistically based on Apple's Thanksgiving weekend sales performance, that this year's release of the Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 has potential to change all that.

Mr. Blair, who bought a Surface Pro when it came out and found other than price none of the frequent criticisms of the device had much substance, but they were enough to keep buyers away, but like many others who didn't he found the full support for all of his Windows software incredibly valuable, since MS Office is a mainstay for him. He also found the applications library much deeper and richer than Microsoft's critics gave it credit for.

Now the Surface Pro 2 with its Intel Haswell processor offers both increased power and much longer battery life, with storage options now going up to 512GB, which he observes is more than anyone will want and backed up by a generous initial SkyDrive allocation. He deems Windows 8.1 to be smoother and more user friendly than Windows 8.0, and the new device has a more flexible kickstand with two positions rather than one.

Blair acknowledges that the ecosystem still favors Apple, but the gap is narrowing, and in time, will be a non-issue.

Maybe, but as yet there's little evidence of the Surface even significantly denting iPad sales, although Windows Phone is sowing some growth in Europe especially.

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Intel To Offer Tablet Platforms For Various Segments In 2014 - Report

Digitimes' Monica Chen and Adam Hwang report that Intel has plotted an ambitious roadmap offering CPU platforms for entry-level to high-end tablet models in 2014, according to unnamed sources with Taiwan's tablet supply chain.

Intel has launched Bay Trail-T supporting Windows 8/8.1 and will launch Android-supporting models at the end of 2013, the sources maintain, and launch of entry-level Android-supporting Bay Trail (Z3735D series) specifically for use in 7-inch tablets priced at US$99-$129 and 7- to 8-inch models at US$149-$199 in Q1 2014. The Bay Trail and Cherry Trail platforms also target 8- to 10-inch tablets priced at US$$249 and 10-inch models above US$249.

Then in September 2014, Intel is pipped to unveil Cherry Trail, a platform based on 14nm Airmont architecture and supporting 32- and 64-bit Windows 8/8.1 and Android, the sources noted, and the chipmaker will also release Windows- and Android-supporting Willow Trail based on 14nm Goldmont architecture in Q4 2014, the sources added.

Besides tablets, Chen and Huang say Intel will launch 22nm-based Merrifield and Moorefield for smartphones in Q1 and Q3 2014 respectively.

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Free Tenorshare ReiBoot for Mac iOS Reboot Software Tool

A new free OS X utility named Tenorshare ReiBoot for Mac is an easy to use solution that can help users enter or exit recovery mode of and iOS device within one click. If your iPhone stuck in recovery mode or your iPad stuck at the Apple logo, this program can solve the impasse within one minute.

One Click to Enter and Exit Recovery Mode for all iOS Devices


Tenorshare ReiBoot (Mac) is a free iPhone reboot software tool, allows you to put your iOS devices into and out of recovery mode and fix all booting issues with only one click of your mouse. With ReiBoot (Mac), you can enter and exit recovery mode(iTunes logo) even if your iDevice's Home or Power buttons don't work.

Key Features:

• Get into and out of Recovery Mode Anytime You Want

With ReiBoot for Mac, youll never again worry about cant enter or exit recovery mode for iPhone, iPad and iPod. With Tenorshare ReiBoot paved your way, you can:
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- Enter Recovery Mode if Home or Power button not working
- Fix iPhone stuck in iTunes logo/USB cable when youre trying to update firmware, update iOS, jailbreak, or restore a backup

• Do What iTunes Can't Do:

iTunes will force you to restore your device and delete your data when exiting recovery mode, while ReiBoot (Mac) never wipes your data or destroys your device. With just one click, ReiBoot (Mac) allows you to flexibly enter or exit Recovery Mode, saving you from doing 3-4 steps with iTunes.

• Supports all iPhone, iPad and iPod

You can use ReiBoot for Mac with iPhone, iPad or iPod.
The small program is compatible with all of your iDevices including iPhone 5s/5c/5/4s, iPad Air/4/mini 2/3 and other iOS 7 devices.

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The program is free. No registration needed. You just need to download the program and install it on your Mac and then enter or exit recovery mode with one click.
The whole process takes less than 1 minute.

More Features:

• Safe Recovery

Read-only software that eliminates all security risks, no need to worry about virus attack from malware.

• Smart Program

Automatically detect iOS device. You just need to connect iDevice to Mac.

• All Mac OS Compatible

Compatible with Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks, 10.8 Mountain Lion, 10.7 and earlier.

• Easy & Efficient

One click to get into or out of recovery mode. No other skills needed.

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