Applelinks iOS News Reader - Thursday, April 4, 2013

Best Buy Offers Fire Sale Prices On Various iPad Models
Computing Pioneer Alan Kay Calls Apple's iPad User Interface 'Poor'
Apple Told To Produce An iPhablet Or Risk Losing A Lot Of Market Share
iPads Enjoy Better Price, Distribution Advantages Than iPhones - Analyst
Are You A Teenager Who Reads News Online? According to the Justice Department, You May Be a Criminal
A Facebook Phone? - Facebook's Big Announcement
Spotdox - Expand Your Dropbox for Free
Fotor For iPhone All-In-One Camera And Photo Editing App
Pelican Introduces the Pelican ProGear Vault and Pelican ProGear Protector iPhone 5 Cases as its First Interactive Smartphone Protection


Best Buy Offers Fire Sale Prices On Various iPad Models

Best Buy is commemorating the the iPad's third birthday with a clearance sale on a variety of iPad models, including examoles of the Retina third-generation iPad now selling for less than some iPad Mini models.


An exceptional value is the the iPad 3 Wi-Fi 16GB model priced at $314.99, discounted from the usual price of $449.99.


You can check it out at:

Computing Pioneer Alan Kay Calls Apple's iPad User Interface 'Poor'

Appleinsider's Kevin Bostic reports that A former Apple Fellow, Disney Imagineering Fellow, and Xerox PARC Labs associate Alan Kay, recognized as one of the few people behind the concepts that have defined much of personal computing over the past three decades, told Time's Techland that Apple's iPad in some ways betrays the vision he and others had for a portable suite of hardware, software, programming tools, and services, lacking as it does the capacity to enable "symmetric authoring and consuming."

Kay called Apple's restrictions on content creation and sharing on the iPad "mostly bogus," and said that any potential security issues were the result of flaws in the OS, also expressing disappointment in the progress of the human-computer interface improvement since development of the Graphical User Interface, and that even though multitouch is a good idea, much of the iPad UI is very poor in a myriad of ways.

For the full report visit here:

Apple Told To Produce An iPhablet Or Risk Losing A Lot Of Market Share

BGR's Brad Reed notes, citing a Barrons' report, that ISI Group analyst Brian Marshall, who maintains a Strong Buy rating on Apple shares, told CNBC on Wednesday that Apple needs to migrate to the 5-inch screen iPhone this summer or the company will lose a lot of market share.

For the full report visit here:

iPads Enjoy Better Price, Distribution Advantages Than iPhones - Analyst

Barrons Tech Trader Daily's Tiernan Ray reports Bernstein Research's Toni Sacconaghi, who has an Outperform rating on Apple shares, and a $725 price target, observing that Android has gone from zero market share to nearly 70% of the smartphone world in five years, while Apple's iOS operating system, has gone from 9% to 19% in the same interval.

Sacconaghi also projects that tablet unit shipments will probably be 245 million units in Apples fiscal year starting October, and that while Apple's market share may shrink durung that fiscal year to 40% from 57% in the fiscal year that ended last September, the tablet market trajectory for Apple is not going to the be same as it has been in the smartphone market, in large part because of price and distribution factors that are more positive for Apple in tablets. Sacconaghi concludes that Apple's tablet share can hold up better than it did in the smartphone market, although he thinks the company needs to think about lowering prices to maintain share.

For the full report visit here:

Are You A Teenager Who Reads News Online? According to the Justice Department, You May Be a Criminal

THe Electronic Frontier Foundation's Dave Maass and Trevor Timm say:

During his first term, President Barack Obama declared October 2009 to be 'National Information Literacy Awareness Month,' emphasizing that, for students, learning to navigate the online world is as important a skill as reading, writing and arithmetic. It was a move that echoed his predecessor's strong support of global literacy - such as reading newspapers - most notably through First Lady Laura Bush's advocacy.

Yet, disturbingly, the Departments of Justice (DOJ) of both the Bush and Obama administrations have embraced an expansive interpretation of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA) that would literally make it a crime for many kids to read the news online. And it’s the main reason why the law must be reformed.

Maas and Timm cite for example the terms of use for the Hearst Corporation’s family of publications including The Houston Chronicle, the San Francisco Chronicle, or Popular Mechanics on whose websites you’ll find this language, screamed in all-caps:


In the DOJ’s world, they say, this means anyone under 18 who reads a Hearst newspaper online could hypothetically face jail time. But Hearst’s publications aren’t the only ones with overly restrictive usage terms. U-T San Diego and the Miami Herald have similar policies. Even NPR is guilty, saying teenagers can’t access their “services” (including the site, NPR podcasts and the media player) without a permission slip.

For the full report visit here:

A Facebook Phone? - Facebook's Big Announcement

Speculation is brewing after Facebook sent out an invitation for a big announcement this Thursday, April 4th. The invitation asked that recipients come see our new home on Android. Longstanding rumors have caused a stir about a possible Facebook Phone, a handset that would run a modified version of the Android operating system. Some tech experts are questioning whether or not the announcement will introduce a true Facebook phone, as some argue it may just be software that would make Facebook the home screen of Android smartphones. Karl Volkman weighs in on the developments.

"Rumors surrounding a Facebook Phone have been going on for months," says Volkman. "Seeing as how the future of social networking is undoubtedly in mobile usage, it makes sense for Mark Zuckerberg to dive into the mobile phone industry. It also allows Facebook to reach consumers in a very direct way."

Karl Volkman is Chief Technology Officer of SRV Network, Inc. in Chicago, Illinois, is an IT Professional with over 30 years of experience.

For more information, visit: visit:

Spotdox - Expand Your Dropbox for Free

Spotdox is the missing link for Dropbox - but is Dropbox going to like it? Spotdox, a new creation of a Toronto based company, allows you to use your phone or any web client to not only browse your entire Dropbox but see all the files on your computer (Mac OS X currently) back at the office, home or even hotel room. Effectively this makes a Dropbox account behave like its the size of an entire computer.

"The free Dropbox account limits you to just a few GB of space, and while a paid account increases that limit, there is no way for Dropbox to offer multi - terabyte access," says Tom Andersen, one of the founders. "With Spotdox, you can access your entire Mac, and all the drives on it. You can pick any of the millions of files on your MacBook to share with others, or simply add to your Dropbox. In many ways this is like having a huge multi terabyte Dropbox account."

Your computer can be accessed from your Android device, iPhone or web browser. With no extra passwords to remember (other than your Dropbox one), usage and installation is simple. It supports multiple computers on the same Dropbox account as well.

The software also allows you to Move files from your Dropbox onto your Mac, freeing up Dropbox space without having to delete files. This enables you to for example upload holiday photos to Dropbox from your phone, then later move them to to your Mac. This is another way you get more mileage from your Dropbox, without having to pay for an upgraded account.

The startup is offering the first 10,000 customers a free lifetime subscription to the service, which will eventually retail for about $30 per year. "We realize that the best advertising is often done by the early adopters of a technology. So we are giving away 10,000 lifetime licences," said James Palmer, the other half of this Toronto area company.


Download from Spotdox (zip):

Special Offer:

Facebook Profile:

LinkedIn Profile:

Trackback URL:

Fotor For iPhone All-In-One Camera And Photo Editing App

Fotor For iPhone by Chengdu Everimaging Science and Technology Co., Ltd. includes FX Effect, Frames, Enhanced Camera, Realistic HDR, Big Aperture, Color Splash, Image Editing Tools, 1-Tap Enhance, Collage and In-app Album Management.

Fotor's tools include Basic Editing Tools, Brilliant Visual Effects, Frames, Realistic HDR, Collage, Big Aperture, Color Splash, 1-Tap Enhance, Enhanced Camera, Collage and In-App Album Management, bundled in one powerful package.



• Enhanced Camera
Grid, Burst, Stabilizer, & Timer

• Realistic HDR (High Dynamic Range)
Capture the most extensive range of light and color so the real beauty of what you see is not lost. Take two images of the same scene, and Fotor will combine them to create a single photo that captures every detail, including the shadows and highlights. Even with moving objects, our magical anti-ghosting tool will magically eliminate blurred / partial objects or ghosts during processing.

• 1-Tap Enhance


1-Tap Enhance quickly transforms dull photos using powerful, pixel by pixel enhancement with a single tap. Our advanced software analyzes the brightness, contrast, saturation and exposure to optimize your photos.


• Visual Effects
Fotor's huge palette of effects is designed with input from experienced graphic designers and photographers. Select any photo from your album, then give full play to your creativity. Over 75 well-defined effects in various categories, including Classic, Analog, Lomo, Black and White, Art, and Vintage Style, plus choose from 23 different styles of frames.

• Collage
With over dozens of templates at your fingertips, select up to 9 photos of your choice and use Fotor's collage tool to assemble your stories and memories however you like.

• Color Splash
Color Splash targets in on any color you want to stand out in your photo, and then transform the rest of the image into black and white. You can use your finger as a brush to artistically paint with adjustable parameters (size, radius, and transparency).

• Big Aperture
Big Aperture is claimed to give your images the depth-of-field and other visual effects normally only seen with professional grade DSLR cameras. Choose between clear focus and selective blurring. Presets also exist for portraits, natural scenes, architecture, and macro photography.

• Edit & Crop
Powerful and easy-to-use photo editing tools, including color controls, white balance, color temperature, tint adjustment, lens correction, highlights/shadows, sharpen/blur controls, cropping, flipping and rotation, etc.


• New User Interface
Award winning contextualized workflow -- from capture to file management, processing and sharing, each feature is modular, offering the editing tools you need at each stage of the process.

• Album Manager
Specialized Album Manager will keep your collection of photos organized and ready for great new additions at any time.

• Sharing
Fotor makes it easy to share your photos with friends and family in multiple locations without exiting the app. As soon as you have finished editing your photo, share your creation via email or post to Facebook, Twitter and Flickr with just a single click!

New in Version 1.2.2
• Fix few bugs

System requirements:
• Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad
• Requires iOS 4.3 or later.


For more information, visit:

App Store

Pelican Introduces the Pelican ProGear Vault and Pelican ProGear Protector iPhone 5 Cases as its First Interactive Smartphone Protection

Pelican Products, Inc.has announced that, for the first time in company history, it is launching fully-interactive mobile electronics protection with the Pelican ProGear Vault and Pelican ProGear Protector Series cases for the Apple iPhone 5. The Pelican ProGear Vault and Pelican ProGear Protector are now available at


"For more than 40 years our company has produced the toughest and most dependable cases for military, law enforcement and firefighter professionals. We are extremely pleased to launch a range of mobile electronics cases with the same kind of protection for consumers," says Lyndon Faulkner, President and CEO of Pelican. "The Pelican ProGear Vault and Pelican ProGear Protector series provides your iPhone 5 with exceptional protection and clear audio performance, while still allowing for use of the phone."

CE1180 Pelican ProGear Vault Series Phone Case

Matching the sleek precision of the iPhone 5, the CE1180 Pelican ProGear Vault case is slim and lightweight without sacrificing protection. Made with engineering-grade aluminum and polymer materials, the Vaults full-enclosure design (for which it earns its name) provides vital defense from wind-driven rain, snow and dust along with insulating elastomeric shock and impact protection from a height of 72 inches.

Each function button is made with aircraft-grade aluminum for precise control. Its water-resistant membrane covers the microphone and speakers to discourage water ingress without hindering audio fidelity. The CE1180 Pelican ProGear Vault case also features a durable screen cover with anti-scratch technology, an optical-grade, Dragontrail glass camera port and flush-fitting stainless steel hex-head machine screws. The product is available in a wide variety of color combinations for an MSRP of $79.95.

CE1150 Pelican ProGear Protector Series Phone Case

To defend smartphones from daily drops and typical wear and tear, Pelican Products engineers have created two levels of protection in the CE1150 Pelican ProGear Protector case for the iPhone 5. Its first line of defense is a tough, shock-deflecting outer shell that saves the iPhones glass face from direct impact on flat surfaces. The second level is a soft, elastomeric interior lining to protect the device from scratches and impact. Additionally, the outer shell has a smooth finish to allow the case to slide easily into pockets and bags. Available in several color combinations, the CE1150 Pelican ProGear Protector Series phone case has an MSRP of $39.95.

For more information on these models and the full Pelican ProGear line or to purchase them, visit:

or one of the Pelican Products authorized dealers at:

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