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Seize The iPad Opportunity Now, Says Gartner
Gartner: CEOs Should Ensure Apple's iPad Finds A Place In Their Company
Toshiba ships Apple iPad Rival Tablet
Fortune Editor's Love Affair With New iPad Short-Lived
Despite Headstart, Apple Can't Beat Android
Opera Feted For Playing Chicken With Steve Jobs
iPad Power Case, 4000 mah Battery, With Micro USB Syncing Docking System
New Pocket Aviation iPod and iPhone App Provides Aviation Enthusiasts With Six Individual Canadian Aircraft Slideshows And Over 150 Images
iPad Turns Pro with iLIVEx Pro
Safari Books Online Launches Free Global iPad App. - Safari To Go
AppMakr enables Private Enterprise iOS App Stores, with AppDrop
ItSpot Launches Toronto Social Shopping iPhone App


Seize The iPad Opportunity Now, Says Gartner

Digitimes' Joseph Tsai says:

The Apple iPad and its ecosystem are likely to disrupt existing technology use profiles and business models, and CEOs should ensure that its potential is being seriously evaluated inside their organizations, according to a new report from Gartner.

"It is not usually the role of the CEO to get directly involved in specific technology device decisions, but Apple's iPad is an exception," said Stephen Prentice, Gartner Fellow and vice president. "It is more than just the latest consumer gadget; and CEOs and business leaders should initiate a dialog with their CIOs about if they have not already done so."

Gartner forecasts worldwide media tablet sales to end users to reach 19.5 million units in 2010, driven by sales of the iPad. Media tablets are poised for strong growth with worldwide end user sales projected to total 54.8 million units in 2011, up 181% from 2010, and surpass 208 million units in 2014.

Unless there is a self-evident case to the contrary, Gartner recommends that IT organizations should provide at least concierge-level iPad support for a limited number of key users, and prepare a budgeted plan for widespread support of the iPad by mid-2011.

For the full report visit here:

Gartner: CEOs Should Ensure Apple's iPad Finds A Place In Their Company

Appleinsider's Sam Oliver reports:

Noting that chief executives are usually not directly involved in deploying electronics in their company, Gartner this week recommended that CEOs should treat Apple's iPad as an "exception," or risk being left behind.....

For the full report visit here:

Toshiba ships Apple iPad Rival Tablet

MacWorld UK's Agam Shah reports:

Toshiba on Thursday started shipping its Folio 100 tablet, which has a powerful dual-core processor and full high-definition graphics capabilities - features designed to outperform Apple's iPad.

The tablet includes Nvidia's Tegra 2 processor, which includes a dual-core Arm processor running at 1GHz and a GeForce graphics core that is capable of playing full 1080p high-definition video. The iPad uses a chip package with a single-core Arm processor running at 1GHz and can show 720p video.

For the full report visit here:

Fortune Editor's Love Affair With New iPad Short-Lived

Fortune Assistant Managing Editor Leigh Gallagher says:

...Working in magazines for 15-plus years, I needed to see and experience this new device that promised to lead print journalism indeed, modern civilization itself into the future.

At Fortune we had been spending weeks working late nights to ready a sparkling new iPad version of our magazine; it was getting rave reviews. As a Blackberry (RIMM) loyalist who's never had an iPhone, with my home MacBook on its last legs and my dead-tree Wall Street Journal subscription having recently expired, the time had come nigh....

But when I started to use it that's when the love affair ended (or really, failed to kick in).

For the full commentary visit here:

Despite Headstart, Apple Can't Beat Android

VentureBeat contributor Paul Grim says:

For the better part of 20 years, Mac lovers fumed in frustration as Apple languished in sub-5% PC market share territory. Wintel dominated. Big, ugly, buggy, clunky, and everywhere. It seemed as if graphic designers were the only people stubbornly refusing to admit defeat and join the rest of the planet in using Windows.

But then Steve Jobs came to the rescue - and over time, people actually started buying Macs again. And then the iPod! and iTunes! Somehow Apple found a way to reinvent and completely dominate an entire category of consumer electronics. The company seemed to change overnight and became the leading-edge technology giant it always knew it was supposed to be.

And then the iPod begat the iPhone and lo, the consumer beheld it and said it was good....

And then onto Apple's coattails stepped the Google.

For the full commentary visit here:

Opera Feted For Playing Chicken With Steve Jobs

The Register's Cade Metz reports:

Opera has been honored in its native Norway for the game of chicken it played with Steve Jobs.

This week, as announced to the English speaking world by Opera man Haavard Moen, the browser maker was awarded a "Gullkornet," the Norwegian PR trophy, for the clever way it coaxed Steve Jobs into letting its Opera Mini browser onto the iPhone. The Gullkornet jury called it "a typical David vs. Goliath case, where a small player succeeds in exerting pressure the big one something a lot of people thought to be impossible."

For the full report visit here:

iPad Power Case, 4000 mah Battery, With Micro USB Syncing Docking System

A China wholesaler has announced an iPad docking power case with 4000mah backup battery, syncing with computer by micro USB interface.


1. The Power Case comes with a build-in safety tested,advanced lithium polymer high capacity rechargeable battery.
2. Syncing iPad with your computer,while your iPad is docked in the Power Case.
3. On/Off Switch to control the backup battery status.
4. Auto-turn off 3 seconds later after checking battery without iPad docked in.


• The Power Case comes with a build-in safety tested,advanced lithium polymer high capacity rechargeable battery.
• Syncing iPad with your computer,while your iPad is docked in the Power Case.
• On/Off Switch to control the backup battery status.
• Auto-turn off 3 seconds later after checking battery without iPad docked in.

Power 4000 Specs:
• Capacity: 4000mAh
• Standby time: 350 hours
• Compatible: Apple iPad
• Power comsuption: 5.1V/10.5W
• Audio playback: 36 hours
• Video playback:5 hours


iPad power case, 4000 mah battery, with micro USB syncing docking system
• Life time:"e500times
• Cell type:Li-Polymer battery
• Size:261x196x24.5(mm)
• Output Voltage:DC5V
• Output Current:2A
• Input Voltage:5.0V
• Input Current:2.1A


More information can be found online at:

New Pocket Aviation iPod and iPhone App Provides Aviation Enthusiasts With Six Individual Canadian Aircraft Slideshows And Over 150 Images

Pocket Aviation, originally presented as slideshow images in CD forms such as The Arrow Era and Aviation 2000 , is available now as application for iPhone and iPod Touch at for $1.99.

Originally conceived by Peter Martin, of Ottawa Ontario, Peter s interest in airplanes began in 1945, watching bombers and other airplanes fly to and from RCAF Station, Chatham in New Brunswick. I lived near the base in Newcastle, NB and many airplanes were flying around the area out of Chatham post-World War II. This base had been selected as a major air base for the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan.


Peter states, "As a young fellow, I began a hobby of making balsa wood gliders, ones with rubber band engines aircraft kits, and so on as a hobby for the next 10 years. I joined the RCAF as a photographer and during Basic Training was re-assigned as an aviation technician. Later postings would take me to bases from Comox BC, Borden ON, Bagotville PQ, Shearwater NS, and Greenwood NS. I was selected as a member of the CP-140 Aurora Training Team and was posted to Lockheed Aircraft Company in Burbank CA as a technical writer."

In 1984, after being commissioned from the rank, Peter left the Canadian Forces as a Captain, Aerospace Engineering Officer and spent the next 13 years in Public Services, with the CF-18 Program, being heavily involved with CF-18 computer support test station installation at several CF-18 Canadian units and in Germany.

As the CF-18 Program wound down, Peter left to create StarROM Technologies Inc. With thousands of aircraft images, collected over the years from many sources, and licensing from DND, Orenda, and Boeing, StarROM specialized in aviation collectibles. During this period, there was incredible interest in aircraft images. The products were published and sold successfully as aircraft slideshow in VHS and CD-ROM format.


Now, Peter has collaborated with Muddy Dog Studios, an application development service, to offer the same product to the masses via Apple's iPhone and iPod Touch. This version includes the following 6 categories: Classic Aviation; The Arrow Era; Showbirds; Search & Rescue Helicopters; RCAF Classic and Fighter Aircraft. Included is a description of each category, some history, plus links to aviation websites for extensively more aircraft information.


All images are also downloadable from the Apple device to PC, Mac, and even other i-devices; can be emailed to a recipient and can also be set as the home screen wallpaper. The application also allows the user to view the images as a slide show, and provides the option to include music from the iPod or iPhone to play in the background. The display options provide stunning visual effects to an already vibrant image collection.
Developed in collaboration with Muddy Dog Studios, Peter says, "The iPhone app project we're working on will be my avionic swansong."

For more information about Pocket Aviation, visit the iTunes store, or contact info(at)muddydogstudios(dot)com

iPad Turns Pro with iLIVEx Pro

StarNet Communications of Sunnyvale, California, a leading developer of X11 connectivity solutions, announced iLIVEx Pro ($24.99), a powerful X11 client for the iPad developed for business professionals and engineers who need to make presentations, collaborate with distant colleagues, or perform remote diagnostics and support services.

"iLIVEx Pro displays a web browser and remote Linux and Unix desktops on VGA-compatible conference room projectors and digital TVs. iPad business users have been frustrated not being able to take their iPad into a conference room and display spreadsheets, presentations or a web browser. iLIVEx Pro enables Firefox, OpenOffice and other business applications to be displayed on large screens via a Linux-based interface. Now, the iPad becomes an effective business presentation tool," says StarNet co-founder and CEO Steven Schoch.

iLIVEx Pro also allows users to collaborate with colleagues through a session shadowing feature, allowing multiple iPad and desktop users to connect to the same remote X desktop or application. You can sit on a commuter train in Chicago and collaborate on an IC design with a colleague in Silicon Valley, Schoch said.


Another key feature allows users to create new sessions on remote Unix and Linux servers. This allows iPads to become useful in remote application support as well as server and network administration. You can now manage X-based application hosts and network servers from anywhere, Schoch said.

iLIVEx Pro also improves security when connecting to corporate networks over the Internet by allowing users to import their OpenSSH private keys.

iLIVEx Pro and the entry-level iLIVEx allow iPad users to connect to Unix and Linux workstations, mainframes and supercomputers and control remote X11 desktops and applications. iLIVEx Pro uses an ultra-thin data transfer protocol allowing for LAN-like performance, even over 3G connections. Connections run over securely encrypted SSH tunnels and built-in session persistency ensures users can reconnect to their remote applications should the iPad get disconnected, turned off or the user temporarily switches to another iPad app.

iLIVEx Pro enables iPad users to enjoy web sites with Flash and work on multiple office applications simultaneously. Users can also switch their remote desktops seamlessly between iPads, Windows, Linux and Macintosh PCs.

Free Linux Account & Desktop Clients

iLIVEx Pro includes a free account on a Linux server hosted by StarNet. iLIVEx Pro buyers also receive a 6-month trial license for StarNet s X11 desktop clients for Windows, Linux and Macintosh workstations.

For more information, visit:

Safari Books Online Launches Free Global iPad App. - Safari To Go

Safari Books Online ( ) has announced that it is offering a free app for Apple s iPad which allows subscribers of Safari Books Online to view book content in their library. Subscribers will also be able to view content offline. The free app, called Safari To Go, is available for download now at Apple s iTunes App Store [ itms:// ].


"Safari To Go is yet another piece in our complete mobile strategy that Safari Books Online is implementing," says Nic Werner, product manager, Mobile, Safari Books Online. "Most features built in the iPad app are also available on other mobile devices such as Android, Blackberry and Palm devices - via Safari Books Online s mobile interface, found at . Safari Books Online has a goal to make reading and interacting with our content as rich an experience on mobile devices as it is on a laptop or desktop computer. We are enabling subscribers to create their own library in the cloud, accessible anywhere, any time, from multiple devices."

The Safari To Go iPad app includes:
• Search technology to help users find exactly what they need by searching the vast collection of books and articles available
• Search within the content of a book to pinpoint specific information quickly.
• Sign up for trials and subscriptions from the application
• Access the sample content of each book (for non subscribers)
• Gain access to folders and notes with tagging and bookmarking of book content synchronized between the app and the full website
• Cache book content to the iPad for offline reading
• Navigate quickly and easily via a simplified, touch screen interface, optimized for iPad users and designed to allow users to quickly start where they left off and spend more time reading and less time searching

To download Safari To Go, visit the Apple iTunes App Store at:

For more information, visit:

AppMakr enables Private Enterprise iOS App Stores, with AppDrop

AppMakr has announced, "AppDrop" a painless Over The Air install process that allows enterprises to create private iOS app stores.

AppDrop, when combined with an enterprise Apple Developer Account, allows an enterprise to create apps through AppMakr and distribute them to employees directly, completely bypassing the iTunes AppStore.

"AppDrop is the latest feature from AppMakr to make the app creation process dead simple," commented Sean Shadmand, AppMakr's Chief Strategy Officer. He continued, "Users can now test their apps directly on an iOS device without having to sync manually in iTunes with a computer. This relieves a huge headache for even the most advanced developers. App creators can share what they've built with stakeholders before going to the AppStore with as much effort it takes as to send an email, and enterprises can create private app stores for their employees, allowing apps to be downloaded from an intranet or wiki, bypassing the iTunes App Store completely."

Mark Kramer, the VP of Internet & Mobile Products at Future US, Inc., which publishes MacLife, Maximum PC and GamesRadar, said "AppDrop will allow anyone within Future Publishing to test apps painlessly, and install enterprise apps without having to go through the iTunes AppStore. We can't wait for this to be rolled out."

Anyone can use AppDrop by creating an app through

Select the "publish" tab, have AppMakr compile the test or enterprise app, and then email the AppDrop link to anyone you'd like to install the app.

For more information, visit:

ItSpot Launches Toronto Social Shopping iPhone App

ItSpot, a new location-based social media entity, is betting its savvy and sophisticated iPhone App will revolutionize how deal-seeking shoppers will shop in the future. ItSpot s foray into social media is focused in the Social Shopping space with its innovative iPhone App called ItSpot Toronto Social Shopping . This new App not only allows shoppers to find deals in major shopping areas in Toronto while on the go , but also lets one see other shoppers amazing finds and opinions (known as raves ) in real time. Over time, ItSpot intends to roll out customized Social Shopping Apps in other major cities in North America.


With the Christmas and Holiday Shopping Season about to begin, the ItSpot Toronto App is now launched and ready for use by any shopper looking for great deals in Toronto s major shopping districts such as Yorkdale, Yonge & Dundas, Yorkville and other shopping malls or areas. By downloading the free App from Apple's iTunes App Store, shoppers can experience Social Shopping at their finger tips by finding current promotions sorted by major shopping centres and retailers. Users can also view recent raves by shoppers about their favorite stores and purchases, allowing them to have greater foresight into their own shopping excursions and potential purchases.

ItSpot's Principals, Ron Cheung and Desmond Leung, believe the time is right for Social Shopping to take hold. "The ItSpot App extends the most successful principles of mobile social media to capture the convergence of people, places and retailers. We have developed a product that enhances your shopping experience as you shop. Whether you are shopping alone or with friends, we have incorporated a social element to our ItSpot Toronto App because you can see other shoppers raves, what they have bought and/or what deals they have found. You will find the App extremely useful to discover the promotions you didn t even know existed. But it is more than a directory of stores and promotions. We've gone many levels deeper to create an App that allows shoppers to interact with each other, and to share deals while shopping," explains Desmond. "Everyone is after a terrific deal; everyone is also after information on what the latest fashion trends are and what other shoppers are thinking why not have that information on the phone as you shop to optimize your finds and overall shopping experience?" adds Ron.

In addition to the promotions and raves features, ItSpot has cleverly built into its iPhone App a gaming feature to enable shoppers to earn points when they drop in virtually to a store and to pick up virtual gifts which can be sent to friends via email. Eventually, ItSpot aims to work with retailers to convert the virtual gifts into actual store gifts or promotions directly from the retailers.

Future releases of the ItSpot App will include video and photo sharing capabilities of purchases, and versions on the Android and Blackberry platforms.

ItSpot is currently recruiting and offering Elite Shoppers of Toronto the opportunity to showcase their fashion sense and savvy shopping on the ItSpot Toronto App. These seasoned shoppers will share their knowledge and shopping tips around the city.

"We believe the ItSpot Toronto App will become an invaluable resource to shoppers. The fun continues as shoppers start to buy and send virtual gifts to friends," says Desmond. "When you use the ItSpot Toronto App and discover big finds or make terrific purchases, your shout outs to friends help spread the word. It s definitely a win for you and a win for retailers."

For more information, visit: or call at (416) 961-8216.

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