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iFixit iPad Air Teardown
How Steve Jobs Made the iPad Succeed When All Other Tablets Failed
Should You Buy A Refurbished iPad?
Apple Has The Goods, Microsoft The Vision
10 Reasons To Buy An iPad
iPad Air Delivers 24 Hours of Battery Life as LTE Hotspot
Half Of All In-vehicle Infotainment Systems Equipped With Smartphone-Integration Technologies Will Have Apple's iOS In The Car by 2018
Free App Turns iPhone And iPad Into Scanner
Speck Releases Holiday Collection of Cases for iPhone 5s & 5 and Samsung Galaxy S4
doxo Launches New iPhone Personal Directory App Optimized for iOS

iFixit iPad Air Teardown

iFixit has posted its iPad Air teardown. Chief Information Architect Miroslav Djuric tells us:

Sometimes we sound like a broken record when it comes to terrible repairability, and we get it - seems like there's a lot of product bashing going on lately. Yet for every fixable Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire, there's a Surface Pro - or in this case, an iPad Air - to saturate the market with unrepairable devices.

With the release of every shiny new generation of iPad, a certain percentage ends up [broken or damaged]. And then what? With a hard-to-repair device, the fix is either expensive or impossible. It hurts the consumer, sucks for the environment, and contributes to the device's untimely demise. That's "no bueno" on many different levels, if you ask us.

So, today it's the iPad Air's turn. Just like last week's 13" MacBook Pro with Retina Display, things took a turn for the worse. The battery is now a 2-cell unit and the adhesive is even harder to remove. The changes to the new iPad are bad for repairability, but not quite bad enough to halve its score from 2 to 1. It was an extremely close call, though. We wrestled with the decision for quite a long time before reaching our conclusion.

Teardown highlights:

Getting into this iPad is a bigger pain in the neck than a date with a vampire - but no amount of iPad blood can spook our stalwart iOpener.


The Air's 3.73 V, 32.9 WHr, two-cell power plant is decidedly less monstrous than the previous iPad's 43 WHr, three-cell behemoth.


Despite the new cable dressing up the home button, Apple's Touch ID fingerprint sensor is nowhere to be found; it remains exclusive to the iPhone 5s for now.

Just after the second round of iOpener action, we got one last coherent message from our field agent before strings of expletives:

[7:29:22] Walter Galan: "It's the worst battery ever." So much glue.

The bucket-full of ICs powering this Pad:

• Apple APL5698 A7 Processora slightly different version from the APL0698 in the iPhone 5s

• Elpida F8164A1MD 1 GB LPDDR3 SDRAM

• Toshiba THGBX2G7B2JLA01 16 GB NAND Flash

• NXP LPC18A1 (Apple M7 Motion Co-Processor)

• Apple 343S0655-A1looks to be a Dialog Power Management IC, according to Chipworks

• USI 339S0213 Wi-Fi Module

• Apple 338S1116 Cirrus Audio Codec, also found in the iPhone 5c

• Two Broadcom BCM5976C1KUB6G Touch Screen Controllers

• Qualcomm M9616M LTE Processor with 1 Gb (128 MB) of DRAM

• TriQuint TQF6514 RF Power Amplifier Modulesimilar to the 6414 in the iPhone 5s

• Three Skyworks SKY77-series LTE RF Power Amplifier/Duplexer Modules

• Two Avago A79-series LTE RF Power Amplifier/Duplexer Modules

• 227 LGlikely a Murata Antenna Switch/Filter Module

• WTR1605L Transceiver Module

• Qualcomm PM8018 PMI

Miroslav Djuric

Chief Information Architect



You can find the full illustrated iPAd Air teardown here:

How Steve Jobs Made the iPad Succeed When All Other Tablets Failed

Wired has posted a long excerpt from contributing writer Fred Vogelstein's new book: "Dogfight: How Apple and Google Went to War and Started a Revolution" (to be released November 12).

Vogelstein contends that Steve Jobs's iPad strategy was truly revolutionary, his reasoning being that most people didn't buy a laptop for tasks they machines were originally designed for, ie: heavy office work, such as writing, crafting presentations, or financial analysis with spreadsheets, but rather mostly for light-duty tasks: email, text, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook; surfing the Internet; and consumption of media such as books, movies, TV shows, music, photos, games, and videos. Jobs observed that you could do all of this stuff on an iPhone, but the handset's screen was too small to make it comfortable. Or you could also do it all on a laptop, but the keyboard and the trackpad made it too bulky, and the short battery life often left you tethered to a power outlet. Ergo, what the world needed was a device strikung a happy medium that would be more intimate than a laptop, and more capable than a smartphone.

Vogelstein explains how it came to pass, and how Jobs succeeded spectacularly where so many others had failed.

You can check it out at:

Should You Buy A Refurbished iPad?

Macworld UK's Macworld UK's Ashleigh Allsopp weighs the pros and cons of buying an iPad from Apple's Refurbished store rather than a new iPad Air or iPad mini, noting that if you buy a refurbished iPad from Apple, you'll get the same one-year warranty as a brand new iPad, all of the manuals and accessories that come with a brand new iPad, a brand new battery and outer shell and a new white box for it too. You can also buy AppleCare for your refurbished iPad, extending your warranty to two years.

He thinks it's definitely worth considering buying a refurbished iPad from Apple's Refurbished store. It'll look good as new, so you won't notice the difference anywhere other than in your bank balance, but if you really want the box that comes with a brand new iPad and you're willing to pay the extra to get it, then a brand new iPad is a better choice for you.

For the full report visit here:

Apple Has The Goods, Microsoft The Vision

CNET's Brooke Crothers maintains that with the Surface 2 and Surface Pro tablet PCs, Microsoft has an enticing vision of the only-computer-you'd-ever-want. But with the iPad Air and iPad mini, Apple gives you what you need.

He notes that Apple is still offering the same vision of the tablet that it did back in 2010 with the original iPad, whereas with the Surfaces and Nokia's Lumia 2520 hybrid, Microsoft's vision is to supply a single machine that will cover all the necessary bases for most users.

It's an enticing vision, says Crothers, but it's one he doesn't buy into (yet), noting that he had a Surface Pro for two months but ultimately sold it because it didn't deliver on the vision, being a decent laptop but a lousy tablet.

He observes that Lumia does look like it has potential as a hybrid device that may obviate the need (for some people) to carry around two devices -- if they can live with Windows RT, and it's certainly a vision worth pursuing, but for now, he'll stick the with the two-device (one-laptop, one-tablet) paradigm.

For the full commentary visit here:

10 Reasons To Buy An iPad

Macworld UK's Ashleigh Allsopp highlights 10 reasons to buy an iPad:

1. It has a stunning display

2. You can use it to watch TV

3. It's a great gaming device

4. You can use it to entertain your kids

5. It can replace your laptop or desktop computer for many tasks

6. You can use it to FaceTime friends and family

7. It's great for reading

8. You can use the iLife apps while on the move, plus, they're all free.

9. You can use the iWork apps while on the move

10. It's a great piece of kit to show off

For full elucidation, visit:

iPad Air Delivers 24 Hours of Battery Life as LTE Hotspot

AnandTech's Anand Lal Shimpi reports that the new iPad Air moves to a much smaller battery (32.4Wh vs. 42.5Wh) than its immediate predecessor, but enjoys the advantages of much lower platform power with for example the A7 SoC built on Samsung's 28nm LP process, while the A5X used in the iPad 3 was a 45nm part.

Lal Shimoi set the iPad Air up as a personal hotspot, wirelessly tethering it to a 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display and started a constant 100KB/s transfer on the MacBook Pro (2x the transfer rate of his iPad 3 test) and with the iPad Air's display off he measured battery life, and total of 24.08 hours and over 8GB of transfers later, the iPad Air finally died.

For the full report visit here:

Half Of All In-vehicle Infotainment Systems Equipped With Smartphone-Integration Technologies Will Have Apple's iOS In The Car by 2018

ABI Research forecasts that the shipments of connected in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) systems equipped with one or more smartphone integration technologies will grow substantially during the next five years to reach 35.1 million units globally by 2018. Of these, 43.6% will be equipped with MirrorLink, 49.8% with Apple's iOS in the Car, and 28.2% with other technologies by the end of 2018.

"Developments in the smartphone world are revolutionizing consumers in-car expectations. Besides Internet connectivity itself, the ability to select apps whenever they choose is probably one of the IVI features that consumers value the most. Car OEMs face the difficult challenges of not only how best to integrate smartphones into their vehicles, but also how to ensure that the integration strategy remains viable throughout the life of the vehicle and multiple generations of smartphones," comments Gareth Owen, principal analyst at ABI Research.

There are numerous technologies available for integrating a smartphone into a cars head unit and enabling it to be controlled via the cars IVI system (via voice, head unit touchscreen, or steering wheel controls). These range from industry standards such as MirrorLink to proprietary technologies such as RealVNC, Abalto Technologies WebLink, and Apples recently announced iOS in the Car.

Then there are UI screen replication technologies such as Miracast and MHL which are ideally suited for high bandwidth applications such as video streaming to rear-seat entertainment displays, and which could in the future also be used by MirrorLink, RealVNC, etc.

"It is inevitable that consumers will demand to be able to use their smartphones in cars, even in luxury cars equipped with the latest top-of-the-range fully embedded infotainment systems. However, OEMs producing lower-end mass-market cars will probably invest significantly less on developing their own systems and rely more on smartphones-centric infotainment solutions," continues Owen.

These findings are part of ABI Research's Automotive Infotainment Research Service which provides analysis of key developments and trends in the marketplace and quantitative information via its extensive car infotainment database. Updated on a quarterly basis, the database provides detailed installed base and forecasts of the car infotainment market by type and region as well as detailed information and forecasts on Bluetooth penetration in cars, automotive apps, and automotive operating systems split by global region.

ABI Research provides in-depth analysis and quantitative forecasting of trends in global connectivity and other emerging technologies.

For more information visit:

Free App Turns iPhone And iPad Into Scanner

PaperScan, a free mobile app by DocuWare, is perfect for scanning docs on the go and eliminating paper clutter. Now you can use your iPhone to instantly scan any paper document with high resolution and without distortion. PaperScan allows you to compile and organize the scans at your leisure into neat multi-page PDFs. When you're finished scanning you can push the files to your Dropbox, email, or printer; or share them with your colleagues and friends, your spouse - whomever you'd like.


Forget stuffing paper or receipts in your pockets and trying to keep track of these items while you are out of the office. Gone are the times of illegible receipts, rejected expense reports from accounting, and epic battles with your office copier. Using a smartphone as a scanner is an ideal option for anyone who needs to scan receipts, business cards, or letters, whether in the office, at home or while traveling. Eliminate paper clutter and get back to business.

Using PaperScan is simple: aim a smartphone or tablet over the paper; the device automatically captures the image, cuts it to size, and creates a perfect PDF file. It's really that easy.

PaperScan 1.0 is free and is available for iPhone Version 4 and up and iPad, and can be downloaded at the Apple App store. Other platforms apps are planned. Download PaperScan today.


PaperScan 1.0:

Download from iTunes:

Facebook Profile:

Twitter Profile:

Trackback URL:

Speck Releases Holiday Collection of Cases for iPhone 5s & 5 and Samsung Galaxy S4

History and pop culture are the inspiration for Speck's new lineup of holiday cases, created in collaboration with Charles S. Anderson of Pop Ink and CSA Images. Speck's new Holiday CandyShell collection combines sleek design and military-grade protection with Anderson's museum-quality pop culture imagery.


"Charles S. Anderson is an icon in the design world and his brilliantly curated collection of CSA images is the stuff of pop culture legend," says Bryan Hynecek, vice president of design at Speck. "We have worked hard to honor that legacy in a holiday collection that celebrates the fun and spirit of the season."

The collection includes cases for iPhone 5s & 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S4. Each is a Speck CandyShell, famous for our patented, multi-impact protection. The CandyShells dual-layer construction absorbs shock and resists impact in a sleek, single-piece case that provides military-grade protection. A raised edge protects the screen and rubberized covers shield the buttons.

Speck's Holiday CandyShell collection is on sale now for $39.95 each at:

doxo Launches New iPhone Personal Directory App Optimized for iOS

doxo's new iPhone app, redesigned and optimized for iOS 7, is available for download in Apples iPhone App Store. doxo, your personal directory for all the accounts in your life, has redeveloped its iPhone app to make it even easier to organize and manage provider account info, emails, notes and documents for all of your accounts banking, credit cards, phone, cable, Internet, utilities, insurance, and more. This information is available anytime and anywhere you need it - online or on your smartphone.

"Lets be honest, we sign up for e-bills and to receive electronic versions of the various documents we want sent to us. At best we file it away in that abyss of mail folders; at worst, we hit delete. But the minute we need a credit card statement, cellphone bill or a copy of an insurance policy, what do we do? We scramble for the username/password of our provider account to find that bill, that statement, that policy. It seems to always happen at the worst possible time. Its Murphys Law," says Bob Egan, chief executive officer and chief analyst at Sepharim Group. "Finding important documents, organizing important files should be as easy as connecting to a friend on Facebook. Thats doxo."

doxo Mobile for iPhone:

• Your personal directory: the doxo app is for your key providers, what your contacts app is for your friends and colleagues.

• Organize provider emails: Link your email account to find and add providers and, if you choose, automatically import and archive their emails daily.

• All account info, in one place: Never dig around for customer support numbers or emails again. All of your account info, key links and logins are right at your fingertips.

• Upload documents: Simply snap a picture of a receipt, coupon or any other doc to quickly upload it to the doxo mobile app.

• Add Folders: Create custom folders to store receipts, keep a copy of your drivers license or any other important info you need while on the go.

• Connect & Pay: When your providers join doxo, you can connect to go paperless, receive bills and statements, and make payments with doxoPAY right from your iPhone.

• The new doxo mobile app for iOS 7 is available for download starting today from Apple's iPhone App Store.

"Loads of user feedback and great reviews in the Apple store have guided the development of our second-generation iPhone app. Our team has completely redesigned the app from the ground up, further simplifying the mobile experience by adding new features, and optimizing for iOS 7," says Steve Shivers, co-founder and chief executive officer at doxo. "The new app provides a simpler navigation of your provider list, incorporates new capabilities like automatically importing your key provider emails, and makes it even easier to use your iPhone camera to add docs and receipts on the go. doxo is great for users and also benefits the growing number of businesses using doxo as a way to drive new mobile interactions, increase paperless adoption and accelerate bill payments with doxoPAY. Its the next step in our mission to simplify the interaction between customers and businesses."

Businesses interested in expanding customer interaction, boosting mobile engagement, driving more paperless adoption and speeding up bill payment, can learn more at:

doxo is your personal directory for all the important accounts in your life. doxo is used to manage account info and email, receive and backup documents, and make payments to connected providers, online or through the doxo mobile app. Through doxo, businesses of all types banking & credit cards, healthcare, insurance, investment, phone, TV & internet, travel and utilities connect to customers to provide innovative self-service capabilities, boost mobile and online engagement, accelerate paperless adoption, and get paid faster. Headquartered in Seattle, doxo is venture-backed by Mohr Davidow Ventures, Sigma Partners, and Bezos Expeditions. For more information visit:

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