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Cheaper iPhone Reportedly Coming In Five Colors
Samsung Stock Price Nosedives After JP Morgan Cuts Galaxy S4 Estimates
How's Your Car Running? Check Your Smartphone - Actron Giving Away 25 New U-Scan Diagnostic Tools For Father's Day
Logitech Acquires JustMount And TidyTilt Smartphone Accessories Startup TT Design Labs
Report Shows QUAN Set To Pick Up Where Apple Leaves Off


Cheaper iPhone Reportedly Coming In Five Colors

BusinessInsider's Jay Yarow and Dylan Love report that according to Topeka Capital analyst Brian White in a note on Thursday, Apple is fixing to release a lower-cost iPhone with a plastic casing in five different colors, similar in form factor to the iPhone 5, but with more rounded corners.

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Samsung Stock Price Nosedives After JP Morgan Cuts Galaxy S4 Estimates

Bloomberg's Robert Fenner reports that Samsung Electronics Co.'s stck proce fell the most it has in more than nine months in Seoul after analysts at JPMorgan Chase & Co. cut profit estimates, citing slowing demand for its flagship Galaxy S4 after analysts led by JJ Park said in a report that orders for Samsung's new smartphone, which went on sale last month, are slowing on weak demand in Europe that may impact profit margins, and JP Morgan cut its share-price estimate for Samsung by 9.5 percent to 1.9 million won and lowered its 2013 earnings estimates by 9 percent.

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How's Your Car Running? Check Your Smartphone - Actron Giving Away 25 New U-Scan Diagnostic Tools For Father's Day

Actron will release the Actron U-Scan in early June, providing vehicle diagnostics directly to a vehicle owners smartphone. Plugging directly into a vehicles OBD II port, users can instantly communicate with their vehicle via a free app on their iOS or Android device. Using Bluetooth wireless connectivity, U-Scan assists vehicle owners in diagnosing and resolving automotive issues, saving time and money.


In celebration of Fathers Day, Actron will be giving away 25 new U-Scan diagnostic tools leading up to Fathers Day. Fans can post their favorite father-son or father-daughter picture on Actrons page ( and, via the promotions tab, enter to win a free Actron U-Scan. All contestants must like the Actron Tools page in order to enter.

Compatible with all 1996 and newer cars and light trucks, the U-Scan base model features:

• Emissions info, vital to users in states requiring annual emissions tests
• QuickCheck, summarizing vehicle emissions codes and definitions; erases codes and turns off check engine light
AutoID, to automatically identify most model year 2000 and newer vehicles
• TrueLink, guaranteed to link to all 1996 and newer vehicles
• Vehicle Activity Log, providing a history of vehicle tests and procedures
• MyGarage vehicle manager for quick and easy access to vehicle data

"The U-Scan and mobile app is the next generation in vehicle diagnostic wireless technology at a fantastic price point, says Jennifer Grabowski, U-Scan Product Manager of Diagnostics. "Moreover, the app is fully upgradeable. Users can add available key features they have come to expect from Actron diagnostic tools."


Available U-Scan upgrades include:

• CodeConnect, offering more than 4.3 million Top Reported Fixes, prioritized by most likely fix, specific to the vehicles make, model and year, and verified by our ASE certified technicians

• ABS code definitions related to warning lights for most 1996 and newer GM, Ford, Chrysler, Honda, Hyundai, Nissan and Toyota vehicles

• Manufacturer-specific code definitions and live data, allowing users to view and graph engine RPM, coolant temperature and more for a faster diagnosis and fix

"As powerful as the base model is, U-Scan available upgrades give users more features for full vehicle diagnostics, including the benefits of ABS data, live data and CodeConnect to get them back on the road safely and quickly," says Grabowski.

Actron products can be found at most major automotive retailers.

Video demonstrations of Actron Tools, including the Actron U-Scan, can be viewed at the companys YouTube page,, featuring expert fabricator Bryan Fuller.

For more information on Actron Tools and the Actron U-Scan, plese visit: or call 800.228.7667.

Actron, a Bosch Automotive Service Solutions brand, is a major manufacturer and supplier of consumer and DIY electronic automotive diagnostic equipment and specialty servicing tools. Actron products are designed to help DIYers diagnose vehicle issues quickly and easily while saving money. For more information on Actron, visit:

Logitech Acquires JustMount And TidyTilt Smartphone Accessories Startup TT Design Labs

Logitech has announced the acquisition of TT Design Labs, a two-person startup in the smartphone accessories space, focused on human-centric product design.

As part of the agreement, Logitech gains ownership of the assets of TT Design Labs, which includes products designed to improve the smartphone experience for people everywhere. The company's initial product, TidyTilt, was entirely crowd-funded and secured more than 2000% of their funding goal.

In addition, the company's co-founders will join Logitech, with Derek Tarnow working full time for the company and Zahra Tashakorina on an ongoing consulting basis. Both will be focusing on design for products that complement the smartphone.

"The big winners with today's announcement are smartphone users," says Derek Tarnow, co-founder of TT Design Labs. "In Logitech, we've found a true partner that shares our focus on creating great products designed to improve people's experiences with the technology they love. We're very excited to be working with Logitech."

Logitech will work with Derek and Zahra to improve and evolve two of the acquired products, JustMount and TidyTilt+, and launch them to consumers under the Logitech brand. The Logitech JustMount and Logitech TidyTilt are available for pre-order now and will ship to consumers in the coming weeks.

"The growing popularity of crowd-sourced funding is bringing tremendous innovation in consumer electronics and TT Design Labs is a perfect example of the trend," says Eric Kintz, senior vice president and general manager at Logitech. "We're excited to tap into this pool of innovation and talent while working with Derek and Zahra to develop amazing experiences around the smartphone."


The Logitech JustMount:

Logitech TidyTilt:


Logitech TidyTilt in leather:

For more information, visit:

Report Shows QUAN Set To Pick Up Where Apple Leaves Off

In advance of designing its new line of iPad casesQuantum International Corp. recently commissioned a market analysis of the booming $2.3 billion iPad market and found that users want multi-function cases for their tablet, something Quantum expects to deliver.

With iPad 5 expected to hit shelves by the end of the summer, Quantum's market analysis found that there are many multifunctional iPad cases on the market, but none have more than two features. It revealed that 90 percent of iPad owners will purchase at least one add-on device. The iPad cases being developed by Quantum are multi-functional and will eliminate the need for most users to purchase additional add-on devices.

The market analysis also found that 31 percent of iPad owners use the device for entertainment purposes, and 12 percent feel battery life is the most important feature of the iPad. Quantum is working on products to meet these needs and more for consumers.

Users use the iPad for work and entertainment, making battery life essential, Quantum CEO and President Robert Federowicz said. We are aiming to address these findings and more in our new case.

Quantum is developing new iPad accessories that could soon make the tablet an indispensable tool for a wide range of professions.

For more information on Quantum International's technology initiatives, visit:

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