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Apple Needs to Get iPad Everywhere, Says Barclays Analyst
BlackBerry Open To Going Private?
Disney Interactive Puts the Magic of Animation at Your Fingertips with New Interactive iPad App
iHangy Gives Cheerleaders A Secure Place Other Than Their Shorts To Stash Their iPhones
Carbonicum - Real Carbon Fiber Cases For iPhone 4 And 5th Generation
ReelCam Pro for iOS - BlackBerry 10 Time Shift Camera Comes to iPhone


Apple Needs to Get iPad Everywhere, Says Barclays Analyst

Barrons Tech Trader Daily's Tiernan Ray says Barclay's Ben Reitzes wrote on Thursday that Apple's iPad clearly has the flu, citing lower-than-expected fiscal Q3 shipments of 14.6 million, and opines that a greater focus on numerous uses in retail and point-of-sale might help the product to expand its addressable market, and moreover that in general, the company may be well served by a greater focus on the corporate market in the future.

Reitzes attributes some of the slowing of iPad sales to the lack of new hardware to stimulate buying, and predicts that Apple will launch an iPad mini with Retina display by the March quarter 2014, somewhat after a redesigned and thinner 9.7-inch full-sized iPad in September. He also wouldnt rule out a possible larger form factor for the iPad or even a convertible using a custom processor by the end of 2015.

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BlackBerry Open To Going Private?

Reuters' Nadia Damouni, Euan Rocha and Greg Roumeliotis report that beleaguered BlackBerry is warming to the possibility of going private, according to sources familiar with the situation.

They're informed that BlackBerry Chief Executive Thorsten Heins and the company's board are increasingly open to the idea that taking BlackBerry private would give the company the opportunity to address its problems out of the spotlight of public scrutiny.

However, no deal is imminent, and there is the ticklish issue of finding an interested buyer with the funding to take BlackBerry private.

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Disney Interactive Puts the Magic of Animation at Your Fingertips with New Interactive iPad App

Disney Animated, a new premium app for iPad, is now available in the App Store. For the first time ever, fans can explore the story of Disney animation through unique interactive illustrations and authentic animation workshops derived from actual Disney technologies.

Disney Animated gives fans unparalleled access to wide range of content, including text, art, sound, images, interviews and interactive activities, spanning all eras of Walt Disney Animation Studios history, many previously unavailable to the public. Disney Animated was created in collaboration with Touch Press, the acclaimed developer of award-winning iPad apps such as The Elements and Barefoot World Atlas, recently selected by Apple as one of the ten best apps of all time.

"At Disney Interactive we are committed to building new, high-quality storytelling experiences that leverage digital technologies and platforms," says Mark L. Walker, Senior Vice President, Disney Interactive Entertainment. "Through the power of the iPad, we are bringing fans closer than ever to their favorite Walt Disney Animation Studio films and the art and technology of making those films. Disney Animated represents a rare moment when innovation, technology and art converge to create an experience that is entirely new."

"Walt Disney Animation Studios' top animators, artists and technicians brought their expertise to this app to help create an incredibly authentic experience which represents our studio's rich legacy," comments Dave Bossert, co-author of Disney Animated and Producer, Creative Director, Head of Walt Disney Animation Studios Special Projects. "We're excited to show the world the art and technology behind how we make our films and inspire the next generation of animators."

Through Disney Animated, fans can immerse themselves in content from all 53 full-length animated feature films. From the ability to examine treasured artifacts and intricate artwork to an exclusive first look at footage, concept art, animation tests and visual effects from the upcoming film Frozen, Disney Animated allows fans to discover the animation process through hands-on interactive activities adapted from the actual tools Disney animators use.

"The world of Disney animation is amazingly rich and deep. The more you look into it, the more surprising and delightful it becomes," says Theodore Gray, co-author of Disney Animated and Chief Creative Officer of Touch Press. "We rethought from the ground up how this story should be told, now that we can tell it with words, pictures, clips, sounds, and interactive workshops that let you apply what you've learned."

Disney Animated features:

The Story of Animation: How Disney animated films are brought to life, from early concept and story development through layout and background, animation, visual effects, sound and music and final assembly with every illustration on every page touchable and interactive, including the ability to peel back the layers of animated scenes to reveal work-in-progress animation steps and visual effects layers.

Interactive Workshops: Hands-on interactives allow fans to experiment with iPad versions of authentic Disney animation technologies and share their creations via email and social media. Fans can animate Vanellope from Wreck-It Ralph using a straightforward but powerful 3D animation package adapted from real Disney software and control a swirling snow visual effect from the upcoming film Frozen.

Disney Animation History in One Place: A comprehensive timeline of all 53 animated feature films from Walt Disney Animation Studios, including animated clips of favorite characters and recently uncovered historic trailers.

Unprecedented Access: Disney Animated contains over 750 interactive illustrations, including more than 400 short animation clips, over 350 high-quality images from Disney's archives, including backgrounds, concept art, character sketches, and super-zoomable storyboards, 3D rotational photography of rare artifacts like the maquette of Hyacinth, the dancing hippo from Fantasia, and a unique Color Map that displays a sophisticated color summary and thumbnail frames from every scene from every one of Walt Disney Animation Studios' 52 released feature films in a single iPad image.

Disney Animated is available for $13.99 from the App Store on iPad or at:

For more information on Disney Animated, visit For a complete listing of all of Disney's apps on the App Store, visit

For more information, visit:

iHangy Gives Cheerleaders A Secure Place Other Than Their Shorts To Stash Their iPhones

In response to seeing pictures of an iPhone tucked inside a cheerleaders cheer shorts, iHangy poses the question: What was she thinking?! The company's Slip in 5 cases for iPhone 5 ensure the cheer squad doesnt have to resort to such drastic protective measures.


With all those cartwheels, flying flips and summersaults, one would think cheerleaders would be the first to give up their iPhone 5 addiction - at least during practice, competitions and games. Not so, however; as it turns out, even the cheer squad is unwilling to let go of their iPhones, despite the peril their acrobatics expose the technology to. Instead, cheerleaders resort to tucking their iPhone 5s down their cheer shorts to ensure the device stays safe. iHangy, an Apple-friendly accessories retailer, has a better solution: the new Slip in 5 case.


"With an iHangy Slip in 5 case necklace, music necklace or keychain, cheerleaders can secure their iPhone 5 close to their heart rather than some other unmentionable body part. Just like the iPhone has revolutionized the telephone, cheerleading has come a long way from its Rah, Rah, Rah roots," explains iHangy spokesperson Palki Kochar. "Today's cheerleaders are pulling off stunts that are worthy of a circus act, and that's putting their expensive iPhone 5s at serious risk of damage. No one can blame them for putting the device down their cheer shorts during training sessions, but iHangy offers a better, not to mention more attractive, way to keep their iPhone 5 safe."


For additional information on the iHangy Slip in 5 cases that are ideal alternatives to cheerleading shorts stuffing, necklace, keychain and music necklace with Slip in 5 Case for iPhone 5,visit the company on the Web at:

Carbonicum - Real Carbon Fiber Cases For iPhone 4 And 5th Generation

"Carbonicum" ( ), manufacturer of cases and accessories for Apple devices, announces the launch of a line of carbon fiber cases for the iPhone 4 and 5th generation that will be available for pre-orders at Kickstarter.


The series is available in four different designs carbon fiber, each of which can have a matte or glossy finish: Chess, Classic, Plain, Modern.

Options differ weave carbon fabric, but they have all the qualities of the carbon: durability, ease and unrivaled design.


"As you know, carbon - it is durable and easy-reinforced polymer, which is widely used in sports, automotive and aerospace industries. Due to its amazing properties, athletes, drivers and astronauts reach incredible results," - the manufacturer states. - "Our idea was to make a durable and lightweight case with modern design and at the same time at a competitive price."

"Confidence in the quality of products, we offer a unique guarantee program for its products - within one year of any known issues with the cover can be replaced by a similar, without examination, which is a unique case among manufacturers and retailers".

There is no need to wait for the market launch of Carbonicum because the case is presently available on Kickstarter for pre-order.

Product Page:


ReelCam Pro for iOS - BlackBerry 10 Time Shift Camera Comes to iPhone

Toccata Technologies has introduced ReelCam Pro 1.0 - Time Shifting Camera for iOS, its remarkable app that lets users rapidly shoot 6 to 10 versions of a group photo and then select the best facial expression on each person, which are all seamlessly stitched into a final result photo. Ideal for creating perfect group photos, the app includes auto face detection and manual mode for pets. The app surpasses the capabilities of the critically acclaimed Time Shift Camera in the BlackBerry 10.


Feature Highlights:
(*) Perfect for group photos or families with young children
(*) Super easy to use UI, after only two or three taps and slides, you can create your ideal photo
(*) You can capture and process photos in a single operation, or capture the photos now and process them later
(*) Option to configure for low, medium, or high-resolution result photos
(*) Configure the burst number and time interval
(*) Intuitive photo gallery to manage the group of photos - easily see the original photos and result photos in a single swipe
(*) Save only the photos you like to the photo library
(*) Share with your friends via SMS (saved to photo library first), email, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr
(*) Add the latest advancement in digital photography to your iPhone: Time Bracketing


Photographers of all levels of expertise quickly learn: the odds of capturing the perfect group photo go down as the number of subjects in the photo goes up. Shooting a photo where two people look their best is challenging, but a photo where six people are all simultaneously smiling and looking at the camera is nearly impossible. Browsing through group photos, everyone agrees that there is at least one photo where they look good, but it is the picture where others do not. Now, with ReelCam Pro, photographers can magically capture everyone at their best in one photograph.

From the app's preferences, users can choose between 6 to 10 photos at intervals of 0.1, 0.2, or 0.3 seconds, at High, Medium, or Low resolution. ReelCam Pro stores all the photos in cache and displays photo #1 full screen. Tapping on any face opens a large window with a horizontal slider at the bottom. From here, users can scroll through all the various versions of that face, selecting the best by leaving it visible. If the app does not detect a face (e.g., a pet), users can manually add a face and adjust it exactly the same way. With every face selected in this way, users just touch the Process button. Instantly, a preview is displayed, while the final result is processed in the background. ReelCam Pro uses a proprietary, digital-image processing algorithm to "stitch" all the selected faces into a perfect photo. There are no mismatches or processing artifacts - the final photo appears unretouched.

"Snapping a good portrait photo takes practice, because you have to click at just the right time," comments Eric Lu of Toccata Technologies. "ReelCam Pro lets you rewind time, so you can print and share a picture that is perfect, a picture that captures 'just the right time' for every person in the photo. We are extremely proud that ReelCam Pro can not only take a perfect group shot, but also do it at a full-resolution 8MP on iPhone 5. There is no other app in App Store that do that."

Device Requirements:
(*) iPhone 3GS/4/4S/5, and iPod touch (4th/5th generation)
(*) Requires iOS 5.0 or later
(*) 11.4 MB

ReelCam Pro - Time Shifting Camera 1.0 is on sale for $1.99 (USD) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Photo & Video category (regular price $2.99). Review copies are available on request.

ReelCam Pro 1.0:

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