image I learned to play guitar the old way back in the early ’70s. It would have been so much easier and immeasurably quicker with Coach Guitar, a free tutorial app solely based on a visual instruction method, so users can learn how to play popular songs on their acoustic guitar without knowledge of either music theory or tablature.

Adobe Photoshop Elements I almost wish Photoshop Elements didn't have "Photoshop" in its name. Yes, it has mostly the same engine as Photoshop, and yes, it also manipulates and enhances images, but the issue is that Photoshop Elements serves a completely different audience than Photoshop—different demands, wishes, and goals. If you mention Photoshop Elements to a Photoshop user, you might get a sneer and a comment of "I use the real Photoshop!" These are people who probably have never taken the time to use Photoshop Elements or they do not understand that much of the power of Photoshop is right there in PSE, albeit with fewer features and curious limitations. Nonetheless, since the elimination of perpetual licenses for Photoshop, a new question does arise: "Would people accept having fewer features and curious limitations but a perpetual license?" This should be asked because PSE, according to Adobe, will always have a Perpetual license.
Monday, November 15, 1999

Toast 4 Deluxe8433

With Toast 4 Deluxe, Adaptec aims to bridge this feature gap and provide Mac users with some long desired features.

Saturday, August 14, 1999

Animation Maker23777

a good tool for creating web animations, except for one drawback we'll examine later: it imports PICT and GIF files, of course, but then you can paint, paste, draw, select, move or duplicate any portion of the frame right away, without switching over to a graphics program.

Thursday, March 11, 1999


Take it from me, whether you design web graphics for a living or just like to experiment, you will want to fire this thing up and see what it can do. Besides, the 90-day free public beta version of Macromedia's Fireworks web graphics design software is definitely one of the greatest bargains around.

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