image I learned to play guitar the old way back in the early ’70s. It would have been so much easier and immeasurably quicker with Coach Guitar, a free tutorial app solely based on a visual instruction method, so users can learn how to play popular songs on their acoustic guitar without knowledge of either music theory or tablature.

Adobe Photoshop Elements I almost wish Photoshop Elements didn't have "Photoshop" in its name. Yes, it has mostly the same engine as Photoshop, and yes, it also manipulates and enhances images, but the issue is that Photoshop Elements serves a completely different audience than Photoshop—different demands, wishes, and goals. If you mention Photoshop Elements to a Photoshop user, you might get a sneer and a comment of "I use the real Photoshop!" These are people who probably have never taken the time to use Photoshop Elements or they do not understand that much of the power of Photoshop is right there in PSE, albeit with fewer features and curious limitations. Nonetheless, since the elimination of perpetual licenses for Photoshop, a new question does arise: "Would people accept having fewer features and curious limitations but a perpetual license?" This should be asked because PSE, according to Adobe, will always have a Perpetual license.
Friday, March 02, 2001

Decoding the Email Alphabet Soup4679

SMTP, POP3, SSL, IMAP, what does it all mean? An understanding of how your mail program works can also help you choose the right email client program for your needs

Wednesday, February 21, 2001

Photo Objects Vol. 24360

Photo Objects (Vol I & II) is a new kind of clip-art. Here, you have a collection of actual photos, at typically 600x600 dpi placed on transparent backgrounds that can be used in any kind of media such as a school paper or web sites.

Wednesday, February 14, 2001

Art Nouveau12643

Art Nouveau is a reproduction of the entire M.P. Verneuit's Étude de la Plante and contains all 391 plates (310 pages of text) of plants in nature and the plant's design motives which are done in Art Nouveau.

Friday, February 09, 2001

The Olympus School of Digital Photography4698

trying to use a digital camera like a film camera can potentially lead to various levels of frustration and even wasted moneys. It's because of this potential frustration that Olympus created this day long seminar

Tuesday, January 02, 2001


PhotoFactory combines three powerful, fun-to-use photo-editing software packages (Kai's Power Show, Kai's Photo Soap 2, SuperGoo) you can use to edit, liquefy, twist, stretch, and just plain funkify your photos. PhotoFactory even lets you create slick presentations complete with sound, animation and a bunch of other easy-to-use, cool special effects!

Tuesday, November 14, 2000


MyTV/fm is a surprisingly powerful tool that actually lives up to its claims. I'm still not convinced that--outside of those guys who make their living posting video and screen captures of Charlize Theron to their websites--anyone really needs this technology, but since when is technology about necessity?

Friday, October 13, 2000

e-Picture Pro4794

You don't have to play around with [e-Picture Pro] for very long before realizing why it has received so much praise. Its tools are at once familiar to users of Photoshop and Flash, somehow bridging the gap between the two. That's not to say users can hop right in and complete their first animation in a matter of moments, but rather that there's an immediate level of comfort one doesn't usually have with new software.

Tuesday, August 15, 2000


If you do any kind of desktop publishing/layout using EPS images, you know that a PostScript printer is a must. Now no self-respecting DTPer is going to run a full print job on an ink jet printer, but with StyleScript, your little Hewlett-Packard or Epson becomes a fine comping machine.

Friday, June 16, 2000

FILTERiT, version 4.05939

This collection of plug-ins for Adobe Illustrator is sure to increase your playtime. This is not only because FILTERiT provides an extensive collection (82) of new ways to alter, distort, and/or tweak your work


This collection of plug-ins for Adobe Illustrator is sure to increase your playtime. This is not only because FILTERiT provides an extensive collection (82) of new ways to alter, distort, and/or tweak your work

Sunday, January 16, 2000

Keyspan Digital Media Remote7337

The Keyspan Digital Media Remote is a powerful infrared remote which allows you to control multimedia applications on your computer in the same convenient way that you now control your home TV.

Tuesday, December 14, 1999


FontAgent helps you organize, manage & repair your fonts, optimizing your font library to cut down on font-related crashes & lock-ups.

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