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More for OS X: CAD, Anyone?

Wednesday, January 22, 2003

By Applelinks Senior Editor John H. Farr

The folks at Architosh (that wonderful site with the funny name) are reporting with well-deserved satisfaction that Richard Kerris, Apple's senior director of developer technologies, sees great opportunities for CAD, mCAD, and engineering CAD markets to move to Mac OS X.

Directly related to our earlier X11 story, this has to do with the fact that Unix developers can now much more easily move their applications to OS X, where the savings are amazing, considering the high cost of most Unix workstations. In this regard Architosh is performing a valuable service by leveraging its audience in the promotion of "high-end CAD and engineering apps or science apps coming over to Mac OS X." Through articles, discussion forums, and more, they're doing what they can to get the word out. If you're using a Unix technical application that needs porting to OS X, this is the place to add your name to petitions or find out how to contact developers.

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