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Dot-Mac to Be Sold Everywhere?

Monday, July 29, 2002

By Senior Editor John H. Farr

Well, perhaps not "everywhere." But what if you could buy .Mac from catalog resellers and your local Apple dealer, all of whom would be able to offer discounts and bundles? It looks like this is going to be the case.

We understand from several sources freely accessible via MacSurfer and other indexes that Apple's reseller-only Web site is actively pushing .Mac as a profitable add-on. (We don't know really know retailer jargon, but we once learned from a shoe store salesman that high-profit items like laces and polish next to the register were known as "up-fronts." Same difference!) Resellers will be able to buy boxed versions of .Mac for a reported $70, allowing resale at a very nice profit indeed.

Since Apple CEO Steve Jobs apparently mentioned this method of selling .Mac during his recent Macworld keynote (we missed it at the time), this isn't a rumor. And finding the service available at a discount might ease the pain of paying for that mac.com email address at least a little bit. We shall see.

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