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Shawn King IS (was) the Mac Show...

Sunday, January 20, 2002

By Senior Editor John H. Farr

We don't know what's going on with the Mac Show, but we've just received a press release from the production company (not from Shawn) saying that Shawn is resigning due to 'philosophical differences.'

What follows is the press release, with the caveat that as of this particular Sunday afternoon, we don't necessarily believe a word of it. Meanwhile, we eagerly await word from our friend Shawn himself and hope all is well with him.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - January 20, 2002 Shawn King Exits Mac Show. Vancouver, BC. -- Mac Show Productions, the group behind the weekly internet audio program Mac Show Live, announced today that Shawn King, founder and host of the show was resigning his position due to 'philosophical differences'. The resignation is effective immediately. After 2 years with the show, King has not announced any future plans, but sources at Mac Show Productions have stated they intend to proceed with the show, and a new format, with Executive Producer Mark Stevens, a former broadcaster and long-time professional Mac-user, assuming hosting duties until a new host is found. Stevens, commenting as Executive Producer, said today: "It's always disappointing when something like this happens. When the same market conditions affecting everyone in the tech sector forced a re-focusing of our product, Mr. King chose not to agree with our plans for the future and this is the unfortunate outcome. Since we've had such good initial response to our new direction, we feel strongly that we need to continue, and hope the audience will stay tuned as we enter this new era of the show." Mac Show Productions was formed 2 years ago to produce the Mac Show Live and recently launched the MSL Club, a value-added component offering members product discounts and additional exclusive content. The launch was well received at Macworld in San Francisco and is slated to officially debut in conjunction with the new Mac Show Live format on January 30, 2002. For further comment, contact Mark Stevens at 1-877-814-1188 or mark@macshowlive.com.


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