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New Sharp Microwaves Very Easy to Use But Possibly Girlish

Friday, October 6, 2000

By Senior Editor John H. Farr

A new Mac Observer article by Eolake Stobblehouse calls a line of colored compact microwave ovens by Sharp "Apple-inspired design." They're rounded and come in six different colors, but is that enough?

Well, maybe so. This is the first in a series of articles by our friend Eolake, and it's certainly a welcome change from the usual fare. We imagine he'll have lots of interesting things to show us in the future, too, having already given us his chair and now a brace of colored coffee-zappers. :-) We could argue about whether every colored appliance with rounded corners constitutes "Apple-inspired" this or that, but instead we'll just expand on the topic.

We say the cute little Sharp R-120DK microwave ovens are truly Apple-inspired if:

1.They cost half again as much as ugly boxy ones.

2. There is no power-on switch.

3. They use different electricity than other microwaves do.

4. They aren't allowed in Motorola employee lounges.

5. Their introduction begets "oven philosophy" Web sites.

6. They aren't available until next year.

7. They're named after a beach.

8. Nobody buys the green ones.

9. For no discernible reason, Sharp's stock falls precipitously next week.

[We really hate to stop, but it's getting late. P.S. We want a red one! :-) -- JHF]