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Abacus explores the fuzzy no man's land where technology collides with the rest of our culture. These stories look at the computing world from another perspective and ask the larger questions about where we are and where we are going, in a thought provoking and entertaining way. There's always something different on Abacus.

Selling Air: The Nebulous Advertising of Apple Computer
Apple's advertising is soft-sell to the extreme. Wouldn't sales go better with a more direct approach?

The Peaceable Kingdom
A fairy tale about the internet and what it has become.

Learn Something You'll Never Forget
Expectations for Apple's new products send Macintosh fans into a Carnival mood. So why do we sometimes feel that we've been taken for a ride?

Down and Out on the Web
Ad revenues down, competition blooming, subscription models not working, donations falling flat -- What's to become of the web?

Hands on Throttle and Mouse: The Dogfight Over the Mouse Button
Some people keep clamoring for Apple to switch to a multi-button mouse, but I say the leave things the way they are.

Copyright Protection For the Rest of Us
Apple's Digital Rights Management: Is it selling out to the music industry or is it the best thing that ever happened to the music world?

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